[Group Order] Monsta X MWAVE Beautiful Group Order -Signed Album- & Unboxing

This will be a post about the process of the Group Order for MWAVE Signed Album.

Monsta X had their comeback on march 21st and shortly thereafter MWAVE offered their albums! This time you got a random version of the album with a signature from a random member, it was not only a signed album, it was for their Meet & Greet. What is a meet & greet you say? Read more in LINK this post LINK. And as always, when buying merchandise through a meet & greet, you automatically enter a chance to be chosen for an exclusive MWAVE-idol group photo card, it can be random member, or all members, but the photo cards are exclusive for MWAVE meet & greets and can’t be bought. The members of the idol group pick the winners themselves.

Our GO (short for Group Order) was managed by Lotus and includes all of Europe! This time around the GO was of a smaller scale but still there were participants from all around Europe.

Lotus made a priority list depending on who joined the GO first, meaning everyone got to tell her a priority list of who’s signature and photo they wanted the most and also which version of the album they wanted. This was done since the rules for this go was that you order and get a random album with a random members signature. Sometimes MWAVE offer all members signed albums and also that you can choose the version of the album, and we all know K Pop groups tend to release several versions of the “same” album. Check out the pictures to see the difference between Monsta X Brilliant, Beside and Beautiful versions, yes, they released 3 versions! Monbebes get spoiled 😻😻😻

Beautiful Album version signed by Hyungwon (Austrianmonbebe)

First of all, for me it was the first time to get a signed album and also with so much content. It was a pleasure to unbox my package and see which autograph I got and what’s inside (for several hours until I could go home from work it felt like i was in HELL 🙂 ). To be honest I bought many CD from my favourite American and Finnish bands but I was never  so satisfied with price, quality and QUANTITY as with the KPOP albums. Maybe some of you think or overthink if you should buy an album which is signed or not signed. I really can recommend just to buy it because it’s so worth it!

So now some picture of my precious and BEAUTIFUL album:







As you all can see I got the photocard of Jooheon and also 2stickers. But the big cards of the photoshoot from BEAUTIFUL made my heart jump and I think I died many times because they ARE GORGEOUS! And because they are all so fantastic and just heartbreakingly beautiful I really can’t decide which picture I should hang on my wall or door ;). To everyone who bought an Monsta X album I hope you are enjoying it and you are as happy as I am 😉


-Lotus unboxing-


Jooheon Signature


Stickers and Photocards. I got an extra set of the photocards from this album , so no i did not get doubles in the album ;P But I wanted to show the different photocards

Hyungwon signature




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