MWAVE Meet&Greet


Mwave Meet&Greet website

This is made especially for international fans! Since we might have it more difficult to attend our idols fan meetings and get our albums signed, mnet has created mwave Meet&Greet! When purchasing an album through Meet&Greet, you get the album signed by either all members or a random member. For example B.A.Ps album Rose was offered with all members signed album and you could also choose your version, since most KPop groups tend to release their albums in several versions.  Monsta X album Beautiful came in three different versions. When buying it through the Meet&Greet you got a random version with a random members signature.

So what you get can be different from group to group. BUT! You get your album signed. That is definite! You also get to leave a message for your idols. If you buy one album, your message will show up once, if you buy 10, your message will show up 10 times (same message). Later on the members will pick 7 out of 49 tiles per page that will win an mwave exclusive photocard!

This is a page with 49 tiles:

(as you can se there are 56 pages in total)

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.23.28

So 7 from each page will win. That’s about 14% chance of winning. So if you win!? CONGRATS! WOOP WOOP! 

After buying the album Mwave will announce what time the idols will be having either Fan chat-board time, broadcast, or Live On Air.

Fan Chat-Board Time = the time that the idols will choose the tiles and read the messages, but they will not be on air at this time, because they are recording for the broadcast that will air at a later date. This Fan Chat-Board time is approximately one hour, after that hour is up you will see the chosen tiles and if you won!

Broadcast = as it sounds like, it’s the time for the broadcast! The idols have a show when they do fun things and they will also show parts of them reading the messages, as they did during the Fan Chat-Board time.

Live On Air = is the Meet&Greet live! (this however is not often it happens anymore).

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