KPOP World Festival Audition Austria

Since a few years back, Austria is one of the countries where you can qualify for the Kpop World Festival in Changwon Korea. On June 10th 2017 the final Audition for our Groups in Austria to qualify for Korea was held.





Already on our way to the audition we saw so many people who wore Kpop clothes and were excited for this event. At first I didn’t think it would be so big and as professional as it was. We went inside and saw how many people that were already there it was a big surprise for us! In the beginning we were told that there is a maximum amount of 450 people allowed to go inside, and we totally crashed that! There were so many people that they had to close the doors and a lot of people couldn’t get in anymore (Sorry guys! Hope it will be a bigger hall next year!). But the good thing happened! One person in the audience was so clever and did a live stream on Instagram for all who couldn’t get in.  The organisers also sponsored a nice buffet of Viennas best known korean restaurant YORI (I’m a big fan of their food too!). At the end of the event we could also dance to a Kpop-Dance game that united everyone and was so much fun. (





Now to the performances… There were 16 performances and most of the songs were from BTS. We had two singers, one singer/dancer, and 13 (only) dance performances, that fired up the whole audience with their awesome performances! The event felt like a real concert and everyone from the audience got crazy and hyperactive. Some of the groups performed with 2 songs that showed their ability for different dancing styles. We had two boy groups dancing, they showed great power and energy during their performances.

Adrianna was the name one of the singer who started the event with the beautiful song “Because tears are overflowing” by Jessica. Her voice was so smooth and got under your skin. In the beginning there was a little accident with the sound, that made her so nervous, but the whole audience cheered her on and gave her strength. This is the love of Kpop fans! #S9 was a big girl group who performed from NCT 127 “Limitless” and did an awesome job with their dancing style. The audience got wild during their per-formance and the heat were touchable (they won 2nd place).





STB was a new group that hasn’t been dancing for as long as some of the other groups. STB, as you can already guess, were dancing to songs of BTS. They did performances to “Blood Sweat & Tears” and “Not Today”.  When STB performed you got the feeling that were really professional, almost like the real BTS were standing in front of you and performing their songs! It was amazing!

In the beginning of their performance you could feel that this will be awesome and steal your heart. I got goosebumps and screamed my soul out of my body! as did the girls next to me! A difference to other groups was that they also had backup dancers that joined in on the performance and made an even greater impact. They were so into their dancing that also one of their jackets got stuck on the lights and no one realised that until they left the stage.




The second boy group were GuessWhat? They are already a known group because they also performed previous years.  They also performed to BTS songs (what a surprise 😉 ). It was awesome to watch them dancing and also to see a difference between them and STB. It was great that they won the Audience-Price because they deserved that!




Maybe everyone could already guess who won because I wrote the most about them 😉

But just to be clear 😉 The winners are STB!!

A video of STB will be send to Korea and hopefully they are going to get picked. I really hope they can go and win this for us! I was really proud to see the group which gets the chance to get into the next stage of the Kpop World Festival this year! And how everyone screamed their name and wanted to see them perform again! The boys were already exhausted but after the audience got crazy and screamed for them so much, they did an encore for us, bless you STB! I can’t wait for the live stream on September 29th!


Next year we hope to see a bigger hall and more great performances (maybe with MonstaX songs!!).

Yours sincerly,







One thought on “KPOP World Festival Audition Austria

  1. Hi my name is Linda Par.:)
    I’m 13 years old and I I friends with YG trainers which is Han – Byeol:)
    I really want to audition and become a trainers in Korean . (Hoping)
    I live in Washington D.C


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