Art Corner: June “Light Colour of Monsta X”

From now on we are going to show you all fan art by Monbebes with a different theme every 17th of the month. This month the theme is “the Light Colour of Monsta X because it’s the start of summer and for many, the begin of their summer vacation. We – The Monsta X European Fan Club –  hope that everyone that makes and appreciates fan art, will spend their summer in a light, happy and joyful sense! Especially, since our lovely and talented boys are having their international tour and many MONBEBEs have the chance to see them this summer! 🙂

Please respect all artists and don’t take their art (copyright). Ask them before you retweet or share any of their art. The link or name of each artist is below their drawing.





Artist: omurizer

Twitter: @omu_rizer



Artist: Vida

@MONBEBE Amino: Post



Until next month, live with a light heart ❤

Yours sincerely,



If you want us to feature your art

please send it to:

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