[UNBOXING] Monsta X Official Light Stick

Trust me when I say I had a Minhyuk-scream all the way through the process of unboxing this beautifulness!

I ordered it about 40 minutes after it was released (May 22 2017) and on June 13th it was in my hands! I’m happy with the delivery time from Monsta X Official Shop, for us international fans, we shop from their official shop through OKDGG. At first, it was a bit confusing, but i feel like its always a bit confusing the first time you order from someplace new. I am super happy with everything! The packaging, the delivery time, and of course the item it self! The only downside, as always, is the shipping cost, it’s pretty high. BUT! with OKDGG you get free shipping if you shop for more than $150! I don’t know any other site that has that option!

The price of the light stick from Monsta X Official Shop for us international Monbebes was $37, which is a pretty reasonable and normal price for a light stick i think. Shipping was almost the same price as the light stick though! So, doing larger orders from OKDGG is always to prefer, in my opinion. Which is why I try to do as many European Group Orders as possible, so that hopefully the shipping cost won’t be the biggest obstacle for international Monbebes to shop Official Monsta X goods.


Over and Out, this has been

-Lotus Monbebe- 

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