[PROJECT] Monbebes Around the World

Monsta X work so hard for us every day, so it is time to give back! 

We proudly present to you the project:

Monbebes Around the World!


This project is us Monbebes coming together through a video message for Monsta X. The video will consist of short clips and pictures of international Monbebes holding up a sign saying:

Monbebes Around the World

Here’s an example:



There are two options to participate in the project:

  1. Make a 30 seconds video of you saying your message for Monsta X while holding up mentioned sign.


2. Take a picture of yourself holding up the MBBATW sign with an additional sign with your personal message on it

So? Interested?

If this sounds like a project you want to be part of, make sure to fill out the form (click here)  before June 30th. Once the sign-up period has ended, we will provide you with more information.

Should you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate and contact us. You can find us on the following pages:







Should you be using the Amino app, you can check out the posts:

Post on Monbebe Amino

Post on KPOP Amino

Or just mail us here:


The final project will launch on Monbebe day September 26th so spread the word by using the hashtag #MBBATW


Until next time,


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