Tap for HEARTS ( upcoming VLive)

Since yesterday (16.06.17) many Monbebes are tapping for hearts like crazy at the V LIVE app. We are all trying to reach as many ♥️ hearts ♥️ as possible for the upcoming vlive for the 1st ALBUM REPACKAGED – SHINE FOREVER. Tapping heart shows how Monbebes around the world are getting united again to support our lovely and talented boys!!! I’m so proud to be a part of this fandom and family! 🙂

If anyone of you wants to tap like hell with us or doesn’t know where to find the upcoming vlive (19 June 10:30AM) we got some pictures for you 🙂 and also the link



You can see at the right top that we reached already 4,667,284  but we can do more than this 😉

So Monbebes get active and support our boys!

Have fun with tapping for hearts and FIGHTING!

yours sincerly


ps. heres the LINK TO V LIVE again




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