Happy Birthday our dearest Shownu Bear!

18.06.92 our talented Leader Shownu was born and now he makes us proud everyday!

To celebrate his day many Monbebes are tweeting and sharing pictures and GIFs from Shownu with the #Sohnbearday #happybirthdayshownu #shownuday. Today is also a V LIVE “Shownu Day” to celebrate his birthday and let Monbebes be part of his special day.

Of course to embrace his day we have some appreciative GIFs for you to enjoy!

Now, Enjoy them 😉 and let’s celebrate “SohnBearDay” together!



Lets appreciate!



giphy (47).gif

giphy (49).gif

giphy (53).gif


Shownu in RUSH

giphy (56).gif


giphy (58).gif

Tihihi…. what you lookin’ at shoooownuuu

giphy (59).gif

Fighting! You can do it!!!

giphy (60).gif

Kick it!

giphy (61).gif

giphy (63).gif

um, so… Hi Shownu! *blush*

giphy (64).gif



Shownu in HERO

I’m gonna let these speak for themselves….

’cause…. it’s dancing + Shownu = need I say more?

giphy (67).gif

giphy (68).gif

giphy (69).gif

giphy (70).gif

giphy (71).gif

giphy (72).gif



Shownu in ALL IN

(Performance Version)

giphy (74).gif

giphy (75).gif

The Back-dance-move. Thank you whoever came up with that!

giphy (76).gif



Shownu in STUCK

giphy (77).gif

giphy (78).gif

giphy (79).gif


Shownu in FIGHTER

This is sooo beautiful! NO! correct that, that comes later, but hees soooo preeettyyyy

giphy (80).gif

giphy (81).gif

giphy (82).gif

yeah…. put me behind bars….

giphy (83).gif

HEY! stop it!

giphy (84).gif

What did i just say?!


giphy (90).gif

nope… he’s not listening….

giphy (91).gif

oh well…. lets just enjoy then 😉



The title says it all. Am I right or am I really right?

giphy (85).gif

giphy (86).gif

giphy (87).gif

giphy (88).gif

giphy (89).gif


Thats it for this post, more to come soon though!

ALSO! A shoutout to this AMAZING artist! Thanks for letting us use this very accurate cibi-drawing of our lovely seven! Cr. @Szainx


If you wanna see more of Monsta X or maybe watch the latest SHOWNU DAY video, click the link for YouTube or if you prefer V LIVE click HERE


giphy (55).gif




Also! Here’s some helpful playlists from MONBEBE CH.

Monsta X Music Videos

Monsta X Self-Cam Music Videos

Monsta X Channel – MX.CH

Monsta X Music Show Performances


-Over and Out-

-Lotus & Austrianmonbebe-

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