Get to know SHOWNU

Hello Monbebes! We are going to introduce each member to you all. First we are going to start with our hard working leader Shownu.

Full Name: Sohn Hyun-woo 손현우

  Stage Name: Shownu 셔누

Birthday: 18 Juni 1992

                                Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

 Zodiac Sign. Gemini

Blood Type: O


giphy (87)
byEUMXMBB* source
giphy (78)
byEUMXMBB* source


FACTS about Shonwo:

He was born in Changdong, Donbonggu, Seoul in South Korea.  Shownu was a former JYP Entertainment’s  trainee  about 2 years with GOT7 but he left due training absences (he still good friends with GOT7).

Rain was the one who inspired him to follow a music career and he can dance to all Rain songs. 🙂 He’s also called ” Rain the 2nd” 😀



Maybe some of you didn’t know yet that Shownu was a back up dancer before he became a trainee at Starship. He was one of the back up dancers at Lee Hyori’s “BAD GIRL”. But don’t worry we have some great images for you 😉


He’s the oldest member at MonstaX and is called “Dad” by the other members. 🙂 His other nicknames are Showtle, Robot and Bear. Showtle because our lovely Shownu is a great swimmer and also participated on Cool Kidz on the Block.  And many of you know for sure why they call him robot 😉 because he’s kind of awkward when he has to talk to people he doesn’t know. But we all love him np matter what  😉 ;). Maybe some of you remember the episode of MonstaX right now where Shownu and IM had to ride the giant ferris wheel together to overcome their awkwardness 🙂 or it’s just me? 🙂 🙂

byEUMXMBB* source

MonstaX members are teasing Shownu with his aegyo because he don’t know how to do that (but  it’s cute when he tries to do it:) ).

byEUMXMBB* source
byEUMXMBB. source


In his opinion his best feature are his arms and we know MonstaX members also like them 😉 . Our Bear loves to work on his arms when he’s at the gym and shows them with confident (good for us 😉 ).


You can also enjoy watching Shownu and his strengh and sportive side of him in Law of the Jungle in Papua New Guinea (believe me it’s really worth to watch it “sigh”).

byEUMXMBB* source


Did anyone of you notice that Shownu never introduce himself as the Leader or shows it? He’s often standing in the back or at the side, because he doesn’t feel that he has the potential to be the leader. That’s so HEARTBREAKING. At the trainee show “No Mercy” I died so many times because of his feelings and thoughts when someone of his team got kicked out. But I think every Monbebes is happy and proud to have him as the Leader of MonstaX 🙂


Please support our boys in the future as well and together we can make them shine forever! 😉


yours sincerly






*Only GIF made by EUMXMBB. Credit to original source.

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