Get to know Wonho

For our second “Get to know” post, we are going to introduce to you all our good looking and talented Wonho.

          Full Name: Shin Ho-seok 신호석

Stage name: Wonho 원호

          Birthday: 1 March 1993

           Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual

          Zodiac Sign: Pisces

       Blood Type: B



FACTS about Wonho:

Wonho is said to speak French, Japanese and, of course, Korean. And it’s no big secret that Wonho likes things such as vitamins, proteins and other health supplements. He also said he used to get sick often when he was younger and that’s why he tries to be fit and healthy now. Wonho or “Wonho Bunny” likes to study song production, meet with friends and also go to the gym to work out and add more to his muscles and shoulders *sigh*.

First. Wonho has the nickname Bunny. Let’s look at how that came to be, shall we?



Hey Mr.CuteBeautifulSexyAllOfTheAbove how are you?

Second. Let’s spend a few minutes, or a lifetime for that matter, to appreciate the result of his hard work at the gym…






Those of you who are Wonho biased may already know that, but Wonho is also known as Shin Ho-seok from his former ulzzang area. For those of you who don’t know what “ulzzang” is, the term “Ulzzang” (lit. “best face” or “good- looking”) refers to a trend in Asia, where both men and women (often young) gain popularity through contests, where their pictures are judged and chosen by voters. It is obvious to everyone why he participated :-).

Take a look at a n y of his selcas. He’s just GORGEOUS!


What is your secret Mr.? Or maybe I should ask your mom where she found that magical portion that helped produce this world beauty? -Not Wonho Bias Lotus here, I swear-

Our good looking bunny also suffers from acrophobia (fear of heights). Still he shows us, in “MonstaX Right Now”, how brave he can be. In this episode, Kihyun and him lost during a game and as a penalty, both had to bungee jump from the top of the Macau Tower (which also happens to be the highest bungee jump in the world!). The other members laughed a lot, but you can see they are also proud of him for overcoming his fear and jumping. I was extremely proud and thanks to him, got strength for fighting my fears (thank you Wonho!). If you missed the episode, you can watch it by clicking HERE.

Here comes a quick recap of what happened.

First, Kihyun had to practically drag him out


Then came the real struggle, his legs just gave in, so he had to sit down.


Next, we see Shownu helping him with breathing


and then

HE JUMPS! *proudness overload*


And look how happy and excited he is that he made the jump!



*P R O U D*

And then, we get to witness wobbly bunny in action



Have you already notice that Wonho is also a fashionista? The other members of MonstaX once said that no matter what he wears he always looks good. Should they try the same outfit, it wouldn’t look as good on them as on him. And I think Wonho knows that perfectly ;-). He’s confident in his looks and also shows it :-).

Here’s some airport fashion ala Wonho

You can thank me later 😉


*drol drol drol drol drol drol*

Do I even have to ask if you know his favorite food ? Of course, RAMYEON. During the whole “MonstaX Right Now” season, when MonstaX was asked what they wanted to eat, he ALWAYS answered RAMYEON. By the way, his ideal type (without any mention made of gender!) should be good at cooking ramyeon (so people, it’s time to practice 😉 ).



Wonho appears like the cool and tough guy, but he often shows his emotional side and his feelings. When Jooheon got hypnotized, he didn’t just cry because of Jooheon’s story, but also because he saw how much he was suffering. And if you could resist not to cry, then this is exactly at that moment, when you see the other members, crying and shocked that you can’t hold back anymore.


same Wonho same *MyHeartIsGettingCrushed*

Wonho isn’t just talented, he’s also nice, kind and shows his feelings. All MonstaX members know they can rely on him and they are happy to have him in their group.

Also here are some extra information 😉 : “Oi” was written by Wonho, Jooheon and I.M and composed by our lovely Bunny. The song “5:14” was written by Wonho, Jooheon and I.M and also composed by Wonho. Also the song “I’ll Be There” was written by the three of them but composed and arranged by Wonho. *proudness overload again* Wonho has expressed many times in the past that he is working hard on making music, and he has always wanted to get one of his songs on one of their albums. Now he has three!!! *heart burst again*


Please support our boys in the future as well and together we can make them shine forever! 😉


Yours sincerly,


(-and the occasional Lotus dying-)


*Only GIFs are made by EUMXMBB (us) original video belongs to the original creator.




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