Get to know Minhyuk


Hello Monbebes and future-monbebes! Today is our 3rd post of “Get to know” and we ar going to introduce…..Minhyuk aka one of the “Visual” of MonstaX.

Full Name: Lee Min-hyuk 이민혁

Stage name: 민혁

Position: Vocalist, Visual

    Birthday: 3 November 1993

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Blood Type: A





FACTS about Minhyuk:

Minhuyk is one of the “Face of the Group” and he’s got different nicknames which I think are describing him perfectly, one of them being “Sunshine”. He is the “Mood-Maker” of the group and lightens up everyone when the mood/atmosphere is getting gloomy. You can see this personality of him during “MonstaX RightNow” really well! And watching it really makes you feel better. Other members of MonstaX see Minhyuk as the soul of the group. He wants to be called by fans Y (thanks for this information).


Watch this episode and and enjoy Minhyuks reaction to the cute coins ;P HeIsSeriouslyTooPreciousForThisWorld**


Minhyuk…. if you want to play koala… I can play tree….**



I’m sure some of you already knew (it was also mentioned at Weekly Idol) that Minhyuk wants to appear on variety shows and also wants to be the MC on different music shows. And I think that would fit him really good 🙂






Can anyone of you guess which part of him he is most confident?  Minhyuk is most confident about his lips (who wouldn’t if you would had lips like his though? 😉 ). He starred also in a drama called “High-End Crush” with the other members as themselves.



Our lovely Mood-maker would love to learn to play accoustic guitar because it would go well with his husky voice ( I totally agree with that 🙂 ). Minhyuk likes to drink Cola and loves to eat Pizza and Sweet Potatos.



Honey, dont be sad or hurt! I’ll make you pizza everyday! ComeLetMeHugYou!**

Minhyuk says that while he concentrates on reading he can exactly recall the paragraph on every site he read. And if you don’t believe it click on  HERE  and be amazed 😉


How can you not love him? I really am asking! Not possible to NOT love him! I just started singing “I’m Walking on sunshiiine”…. but that’s not right! From here on out I’ll sing it “I’m walking with sunshiiiine” ;P **


Please support our boys in the future as well and together we can make them shine forever! 😉


Yours sincerly,





*Only GIF is made by EUMXMBB
**Lotus here again messing around with some comments here and there… SorryNotSorry ;P

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