Get to know Kihyun

Today is our fourth “Get to know” post and we want to introduce you all to our talented and awesome Vocalist Yoo Kiyhun.

Full Name: Yoo Ki-hyun유기현

Position: Main Vocalist

         Birthday: 22 November 1993

      Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Blood Type: B


He loves to take photos! He and Minhyuk even had an exhibition together. Kihyun had taken photos and Minhyuk had drawn a lot of pictures. You can see more about their exhibition HERE



FACTS about Kihyun:

Kihyun is the so called “Mum” of the group, not just because of his great cooking skills but also for his nagging. Maybe you all could already guess which his second Nickname is?…. “the nagging one”. His cooking skills are sometimes shown at their V lives and mentioned at some shows. Kihyuns hobbies are dancing and hanging out with friends.

(you can watch his cooking episodes from VLIVE Here and here)



chop chop chop! Kihyuni-cooking-hamser! Full video HERE


Mommy kihyuni shows his care taking ability in Monsta X Ray ep.5

Check out the full episode HERE


And he’s known to be one of the strongest finger flickers in the kpop world.

MH JH React to KH flick.gif


Kihyun  can play the piano and guitar and he loves to compose songs and writing lyrics. If you couldn’t enjoy listening and watching Kihyun playing the piano click on the link  and enjoy this great video! But you need to be warned… you might cry because of this amazing song. His voice is so nice, calming but can also  break your heart.



Does anyone of you know the show “The masked Singer”? No?! Then it’s time for some insight now! Kiyhun appeared on “Masked Singer” and was recognised by the fans immediately. After his performance he told the jury why he wanted to participate in this show and clarified that his group is called “Monsta X” and not “Monster X”.  Here the link for when he reveals his identity

masked singer revealed


Did you watch “MonstaX Happy Together”? In this episode MonstaX were asked who thinks he’s attractive. He and Shownu are the only members who consider themselves attractive. 🙂 Shownu and Kihyun are also the members who can’t do aegyo 😉 but I think it’s very cute when they try.




If you ever watched “Weekly Idol” with Monsta X you may remember Kihyun’s robot dance. Gosh, it was so lovely and cute but also awesome and totally made my day! If anyone of you did miss to watch it click on HERE 😉



Does someone of you know what he’s favourite food is? No? It’s CHICKEN 🙂 our lovely nagging one loves to eat chicken. 🙂 I’m sure many of you were also worried of Kihyuns diet and of him losing weight recently. But in one of their V Live (“BEAUTIFUL” 콘서트 DAY 1) he said to all Monbebes that we don’t need to worry about his health but he’s thankful for our concerns. I was glad to hear that he’s fine and also that the other members told us that he’s eating regularly and we don’t need to worry. He likes to eat, even though sometimes he might be tough on himself, but then the other members step in and tell him to eat as well 😉 And he also LOVES MEAT! as you can tell from THIS episode on V LIVE


KH Chicken4.gif

Please support our boys in the future as well and together we can make them shine forever! 😉


Yours sincerely



*Only GIFs were made by EUMXMBB, original video belongs to the rightful owner




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