Get to know Hyungwon

Here we go again with our “Get to Know” post! And today our talented MonstaX member we want to introduce is Hyungwon.

Full Name: Chae Hyung-won 채형원

Birthday: 15 January 1994

                  Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Blood Type: O




FACTS about Hyungwon

He is the tallest member of MonstaX and is usually quiet and calm. Hyungwon can speak chinese and is well known for his thick lips. He did modeling before he joined MonstaX and participated in lots of fashion shows (yeah like we didn’t know that already 🙂 I mean look at him 🙂 ). If you want to see him and Minhyuk modeling click HERE .  Hyungwon is confident in his dancing skills and also in his eyelashes.







The fact that every Monbebe know for sure is that he’s our “sleeping beauty” 🙂 He sleeps the most and also sleeps like a corpse. In a lot of  videos of Monsta X backstage, behind the scene or of how they live you see Hyungwon sleeping XD or being tired 😴






His hobbies are shopping, modeling and sleeping 🙂 and he likes to travel. Hyungwon is one of main casts of the drama “Please find her” (2017) and shows us his great acting skills. If you didn’t see it till now click Here





Hyungwon is quiet but really lovely and cute when he is working with kids. I didn’t get out of this “Oh My Gosh that is sooo cuuuute. AAAAAW” moment when I watched him with this little tired kid. Our sleepy beauty and this tired little cute kid. Just ADOREABLE!! Ok every member was too adorable and awesome with the kids to be honest. Click on HERE     to watch this cute episode of X-Ray again 😉








And now to the food topic. Which is Hyungwons favorite food? Do you know that? He likes to eat sashimi and pork bbq. According to the other members he is a terrible cook (thanks heaven they have Kihyun who cooks for them 😉 ). I remeber a cooking scene with Hyungwon where had to cook ramyeon. I thought it isn’t so difficult to do that. 🙂 I was wrong XD


Hyungwon likes to listen to folk music and he appreciate John Legend and Jack Johnson. Maybe he’s quiet and calm but when he laughs everyone can’t hold back anymore and I really can understand that! Try to watch some “Try not to laugh Challlenge”  with Hyungwon on YouTube  and please write in the comments how long you survived 😉 and which you watched!




Please support our boys in the future as well and together we can make them shine forever! 😉


Yours sincerly,