Get to Know Jooheon

It’s already our 6th post of our “Get to Know”- series and we are happy to introduce you all to Jooheon.

Full Name: Lee Joo Heon이주헌

Birthday: 6 Oktober 1994

Position: Rapper

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Blood Type: O




jooheon oh.gif

FACTS about Jooheon:

Jooheon is one of the 2 rappers of Monsta X. He speaks English and Korean and likes Michael Jackson.  Before Monsta X, he was a member of the KPOP Boy group “NUBOYZ” with Shownu, Wonho and #GUN. #Gun was also in the show “NO.MERCY”, but wasn’t chosen to be debut with Monsta X. He also released a single with Hyorin and San E.




The first thing that captured my attention was his stage vibe. I think all Monbebes know exactly what I mean with his vibe. Jooheon has a great personality and when he’s on stage you see strength, braveness, sadness, agression, pureness. It’s hard to describe when you see him perform. In addition to writing lyrics and song production, he wants to take part in creating album covers and music videos. Has anyone of you listened to the song “Stay Strong” ? It was a co-production between Jooheon and Flowsik and it’s really worth listening to. If some of you want to listen to it click HEREo .




Ft Lee Michele 2.gif
Jooheon Ft. Lee Michele. EuMXMBB*




Jooheon has a special nickname ;). He is the “Chicken Man” in Monsta X. They also love to scare him, because it’s really easy to do that. He seems so strong and brave during his performances but when he gets scared you just have to smile or laugh.  But the other members can also be little chicken men ;). Did you all watch the 5th episode of Deokspatch X  “Real Man”? NO??!! Then you’re lucky – just click on HERE and enjoy it 😉






Now I have to warn you all – it’s going to be sad to read the next fact about Jooheon. I’m sure most of you have seen the hypnosis episode. If yes, then you are all prepared for this. In “No EXIT”, Monsta X gets analyzed by a psychologist and Jooheon also gets hypnotised. He gets in touch with his past life. In his past life, Jooheon was a circus tiger who had to perform for many people and also had to go through so much hardship. He was called “Mathew” and he remembered his cage too well. During this episode, you can feel his pain and also see Jooheon crying, because of his past life. It broke my heart and he said he wants to perform now to reach the fans with his songs. I was able to hold back the tears for a while, but after seeing Wonho cry I couldn’t handle it anymore. If you want to see the full episode just click HERE , but don’t forget tissues!








It’s time for the favourite food question! Who knows what Jooheon likes to eat? TTEOKBOKKI!! I tried it once at home (thanks my favorite Asian shop) and I died. I mean I love spicy food but this…wooooah..  🙂 🙂 It was too much to handle!

Jooheons hobbies are meeting his friends (#GUN is still one of them 🙂 ), playing video games and also watching movies. I’m sure everyone is glad to have him in Monsta X and maybe after watching the sad “No EXIT” episode you see Jooheon in a different light.  And now some side information 😉 Jooheon also writes parts of the lyrics for almost every song on their albums.

And to end this on an even happier note, let’s check out  Jooheon’s famous aegyo or his generally awesome expressions.




dude is a serious bias-wreacker -with kind regards from Lotus –



Please support our boys in the future as well and together we can make them shine forever! 😉


Yours sincerly,


*only GIF is made by EuMXMBB




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