Get to Know I.M

This is our second last post of our “Get to Know”- series. Today’s Monsta X member we are going to introduce is I.M.

Full Name: Lim Chang- Kyun임창균

Stage name: I.M아이엠

Birthday: 26 January 1996

    Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Blood Type: O





FACTS about I.M:

I.M is the youngest (maknae) member of Monsta X and also the quietest one in the dorm. He got the nickname “Kookong” (puppy) from Wonho.  I.M is one of the 2 rappers of Monsta X.





Due to the work of I.M’s father (he’s a scientist), his family had to travel around the world a lot. During his childhood, he lived abroad (3 years in Boston, 4 years in Israel). Because of this, he can also speak English (even though he is usually a bit timid about speaking English) and dissected a rat XD.  (If you want to watch science class with Monsta X just click HERE). He can also still speak some words in Hebrew. He says that his father is his role model.







When I.M first joined the reality show “No Mercy”, it wasn’t one the best of starts, because he joined the show late (Ep. 8!!). At first, you get the feeling that the other members of the show would never accept him. I already knew he is a member of Monsta X when I first watched “No Mercy”, but when I watched it, my heart broke and I was really sad. The other guys on the show had just “lost” one of their dear friends and fellow trainee and right after that I.M joined the show.  Some of the other trainees felt betrayed and mad. If you want to watch this episode just click HERE. But now he’s one of the members and I think they are glad to have him. 😉





I.M has a unique voice, it’s strong and deep. It makes the songs of Monsta X complete. Our lovely maknae of Monsta X also gets teased by some of the members (most of the time by Wonho 🙂 ). It’s nice to see how they interact with each other and also how I.M loves to tease them back. At one show he also bites Shownu’s arm and said it was delicious. 🙂 I think even though he’s the youngest he knows how the handle the others 😉








I.M’s hobbies include writing songs, hanging out with the other members and playing games with Kihyun (even when he’s bad at them). He can dance to girl group songs really well! I would even like to learn from him XD. On the show “Idol Battle Likes” his reaction changed immediately when he heard it’s a girl group song he had to dance to.  It’s always fun to watch him dance 🙂





Our lovely and sometimes 4D-meme maknae was our last member for the post series “Get to Know”.  Monsta X has 7 talented boys and each member is special in his way. And now for some side information 😉. I.M also participates in writing lyrics for most of the songs on Monsta X Albums.



Please support our boys in the future as well and together we can make them Shine Forever! 😉


Yours sincerly,


*Only GIF is made by EuMXMBB

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