So! Let’s us check into the SHINE FOREVER music show stages!

This time, Monsta X didn’t promote for a very long time, but still, they had a LOT of music show appearances! I’m not gonna go through exactly all of them, cause that’d be too many = a mile long post. I’ll be focusing on the first stages at M Countdown, Music Bank, Show Music Core and Inkigayo. These are the music shows I tend to watch the most.

Let’s start with M Countdown



M Countdown is every Thursday at 6pm KST

During this particular episode (<– yeah thats the link to that particular episode) you could also see Hyungwon and Kihyun as hosts for the show! They were sooooo adorable. As always 😉 But let’s move on to the stage, shall we? =D

…the intro. THE. INTRO! *BLOWN AWAY*

Please watch their full performance HERE <– THATS THE LINK!



hi Kihyuuuuun…. we seeee you standing there being all stoic and cool and handsome

and then we remember….


moving on…


There we go. Stage Kihyun is back


Hey Shownu! All in white! This makes me want to make an appreciation post called “Monsta X In white stage outfits” cause let’s be honest. There are a few out there and they ALL seriously need to be appreciated. TBH.


*uncontrollable giggles*… *falls off chair*…. THAT LOOK…. *dead*….. I meant to add that GIF twice….. uhm…. honestly! ….. Lets just move on before i give myself a stroke (not at all Wonho biased Lotus here making a mess of things)


Our youngest I.M not being so innocent here! And. Again.. ALL WHITE!! *appreciating*


*slowly slides off chair and goes to cry in a corner*

…… Minhyuk….. Sunshine, dear, you’re supposed to be the precious one! Boy, here you stand on your own just fine, REAL FINE …..

that last move he makes… just…. yeah…. good job Minhyuk, good. job.



Let’s go sobbing in that corner instead. DUDE! LEGS-FOR-DAYS-HYUNGWON. Dressed- All-In-White-Hyungwon. Call him whatever you want. It’s Hyungwon. enough said. Agree? Yes, me too.





oh dear… what happened…..



This is one of my favourite parts of the choreography!

Also… Jooheon center can NEVER go wrong!


What Jooheon? You want me to come there? Why yes! I’ll be right there!

*You little rudeness bias-wrecker in silver hair and white clothes existing like that*

I feel we didn’t get enough Shownu!

So here’s one more with that extra Kihyun highlight part ;P



This is their picture from twitter after the show!

M Countdown Comeback Stage June 22nd

Music Bank

Fridays at 5pm KST

Music Bank July 7th
Music Bank June 30th

They also had a special performance for Music Bank on June 30th <– Click to watch it!

Just a Ness adding a comment. I’m sorry, but if you haven’t seen this stage, you’re seriously missing out! This song is truly amazing and Monsta X’s tribute to Kim Sungjae….I might have cried…don’t judge me. Okay! Moving on!



Music Bank Comeback Stage June 24th

Show Music Core

Saturday 3:45pm KST

Show Music Core July 1st
Show Music Core Comeback Stage June 24th


Sunday 12:10pm KST

Inkigayo July 2nd 

On this episode of Inkigayo, our Sunshine Minhyuk was one of the MCs of the show!


Inkigayo Comeback Stage June 25th

Show Champion

Wednesday 7:00 PM KST

Show Champion June 28th

You can also watch their behind the scenes footage from their comeback week HERE

giphy (66)


-Over And Out-

-This has been Lotus-


*GIFs are made byEuMXMBB. Pictures are from Monsta X Official Twitter.

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