Cooking Session with Kihyun

Hello, and welcome to our first “Cooking Session with Kihyun”. Most of the cooking session posts will be done with the recipes of Kihyun because we all know he’s the chef cook at Monsta X and also the “Mum”. For our first post, we decided to show you our “Kimbap with Kitaste or Kihyun taste”. It’s easy to make and also really delicious!

I already made Kimbap while watching “Picnic in MONBEBE World” and it was fun to cook with Kihyun and IM.  If you didn’t watch or just want to rewatch that episode click HERE.  I didn’t have the exact same ingredients like them, but it was yummy (my colleagues liked it so much that I didn’t get a lot to eat for myself XD ).

So here are the ingredients I used :

Nori (seaweed)

carrots (1-2)

rice (sushi rice is the best for this!)

cucumber (1)

sweet pepper

It looks like this when you’re finished


Now Step by Step with Kiyhun 😉

First of all, you need to cook your sushi rice (description on how to do it right is on the back) and wait till it cooled down.  Then, after letting it cool down, take some sesame oil and give some to the rice. Take your carrots and the other ingredients and cut them into slices. Afterwards, take some of your rice and give it onto your nori leaf. Leave some space (don’t put too much rice onto the nori). It should look like this:





Next step is to put your slices of vegetables on one side of your nori-rice combination.  Then, you have to roll it up! At the end of the nori leaf, take some rice grains and crush them a little bit (they are your clue for your kimbap). It’s better to do it tight because if it’s too loose you will have problems cutting it later! I recommend taking a really sharp knife and cut it slowly (or with a gentle hand 😉 ).


And when you’re done cutting your yummy Kitaste Kimbap it will look so delicious that you won’t be able to wait to eat it 😉



I wish everyone fun and enjoy your cooking time 😉

See ya all to our next “Cooking Session with Kiyhun” on 29.08.17.












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