Get ready with us! Travel Packing Tips

Hello Monbebes around the world!

Monsta X are having their Beautiful World Tour and some of us were lucky and got tickets. I’m sure all of you are excited and are thinking about what they should pack, which kind of bag they should use and so on. And for this case, we posted 2 videos on our YouTube channel (Monbebe.CH) for you and maybe this post will also help you be prepared for the concert 😉

The important question is not only what to pack in your suitcase, but also HOW to pack it. Some of you might have already heard of the KonMarie method and I have to be honest,  I LOVE HER BOOKS and it SAVES MY TRAVEL LIFE. For those who want to watch our videos and get inspired click HERE and HERE.

So now to how to pack your suitcase. First of all, I got this great and kinda practical cotton bag from DM. It is great to use for your underwear or tops you want to pack separately. With this, you’ll find your top or underwear more easily and you don’t have to use plastic bags for that.


Of course we also need a little travel bag for our shampoo, creme and other stuff. In this bag, which I also got from DM, I packed all my bathing items, sunscreen, make up remover and other little stuff. I think it’s also important to have some desinfection gel with you. Try to pack it neat and also fill it up! Use every free place you got in there ;). I also got a small bag for my chargers and electronic equipment which I need for my camera, phone and everything else which needs to be charged XD. That way you have everything in one bag and don’t have to search for it in your suitscase!




Now we need to get everything in our suitcase! Try to fold your clothes the KonMarie way (you can find many tips at Youtube. I love to watch videos of Lavendaire because she explains it easy and really good). The advantage of folding your clothes the KonMarie way is that you will have more room for your other stuff and it’s easier to see what you packed.  I organised it with the system of “From sleepwear to concert outfit”. With this, I don’t have to search for the clothes I want to wear.



In the next following pictures, you can see how I organised my clothes, towel and my bags. In the black bag, you can see my make up on the left corner and hair stuff (short hair  😉 so I don’t need to pack something like straighteners 🙂 ). Fill every free room you got in your suitcase. You may be wondering why I just show you one site of my suitcase but that’s easy to answer. I know that I get some stuff in Berlin which I also need to get in this small suitcase so I planned to leave some space for that. I love to be prepared ;).





Now, this is the last picture of my suitcase with everything in it (selfie stick, fanny bag for the concert, clothes, make up …..). You can see that I tried to fill it completely up and that I used every free room -> this way you can be sure that your stuff won’t slip or get damaged if you have something breakable in your suitscase.


I hope we could help or inspire you with our videos and with these pictures.


I wish everyone of you a great time at the concert, take care and enjoy yourself!!!!




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