Beautiful Japanese M/V

Three days ago we were blessed with yet another artistic piece, I mean video. This time around, it was the release of the Japanese version of Beautiful.

I personally have to say, I am not the biggest fan of Japanese versions of Korean songs simply because, even though I like Japanese, I tend to like the original version better.

However, there’s one thing I absolutely love about “re-releases” – the breathtaking videos.

Apart from often connecting to theories, the cinematography of the videos just blows my mind and that goes for pretty much all KPOP videos.

But this is about the Beautiful music video.

Now let me tell you this. Beautiful was my first ever comeback with Monsta X and it is one of the best comebacks I have ever witnessed. The album, the outfits, THE VIDEO –  you can imagine how excited I was to see more of it.



So let’s take a look, shall we?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Are you still alive? Yes? Then do yourself a favour and watch the entire music video here:



And while you are at it, rewatch the Korean version here:



Until next time,


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