Cooking Session with Kihyun

Hello and welcome back to our “Cooking Session with Kihyun”! I hope eveyone who tried Kimbap with KiTaste or Kihyun Taste had fun and enjoyed their cooking time. Today we are going to cook Seaweed Soup and egg rolls (hope you don’t have someone like Shownu by your side during cooking… if so… please be prepared for fire XD). Seaweed soup is the typical birthday dish in Korea and it’s easy to cook, especially when you do it like Kiyhun’s mom said XD.Β  We hope everyone enjoys their cooking and let’s begin πŸ˜‰





We’ll begin with our ingredients (these are the ones I used):

dried seaweed (you get this in every asia shop)



sesame oil

crushed garlic

soy sauce



Step by Step with Kihyun πŸ˜‰



First, take your seaweed (I took 3Β  handfulls of the seaweed, but I think 2 would have been enough XD ) and give it into a bowl with water. Soak it in water until it’s softened. Cut your beef into small pieces.




Now add two tablespoons of soy sauce to the cutted beef Β and season it with pepper. Let the beef soak in this mix of soy sauce and pepper.Β  Take a cooking pot and heat it up. Then give some sesame oil into it. Our next step is to fry our 1 tbsp of crushed garlic in our cooking pot.Β  After that, put your seasoned beef into it and stir on low heat. When your beef is cooked, add the seaweed. I sqeezed out the water a little bit before I gave it into my pot. Stir it again and don’t forget to put water into your cooking pot ;).






After around 5-10 minutes, I seasoned the soup with salt and added one more tablespoon of soy sauce. Let your soup cook for 20 minutes and don’t forget the lid for your cooking pot.

I also cooked some rice and made my egg rolls. For the egg rolls (small), I used 2 eggs , salt and pepper. It’s easy and fast to make ;).

Our last step is to put everything in our bowls and then ENJOY your yummy soup πŸ™‚


Gosh it smells soo good πŸ˜€









Our meal is ready to be eaten πŸ˜€


I hope you all enjoyed our cooking time together and had fun πŸ™‚

Till next month for our new cooking session with Kihyun πŸ™‚









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