ART CORNER: September “Beautiful Monsta X”

Hello Monbebes!!

I hope you all had a nice summer break and enjoyed your time!

For this month’s ART CORNER the theme is ” Beautiful Monsta X”. This theme is perfect since their “Beautiful World Tour” is coming to an end and it left great memories in our hearts! And now, I wish everyone a nice day and enjoy the awesome fan art from our artists 🙂

Please respect all artists and don’t steal their art (copyright). Always ask them before sharing any of their work. The link or name to each artist is below their drawing.


🙂 Now let us start with the fan art of our first artist 🙂

IMG-20170902-WA0005 (2)
by: unknownpolygon

The following fan art is from the same artist 🙂 More information about the artist will be written below the last art as usual 🙂


by: unknownpolygon

Look at this beautiful Hyungwon!

by: unknownpolygon
by: unknownpolygon
by: unknownpolygon

Just have to say this…… OMG… HIS FACIAL EXPRESSION….love it! I also get the urge to hug him and tell him all Monbebes are there for him. 🙂

by: unknownpolygon
by: unknonwnpolygon

The site profile of Jooheon… gosh… I am having a flashback to the concert *sigh*.

by. unknownpolygon
by: unknownpolygon

Artist: unknownpolygon

Instagram: @unknownpolygon

Twitter: @unknownpolygon_


And now our last fan art from an artist who we are glad to feature again 🙂

by: omurizer

Hello our handsome and beautiful maknae!!

Artist: omurizer

Twitter: @omu_rizer


Until next month, live with a beautiful heart ❤

Yours sincerely,




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