Cooking Session with Kihyun

Hello fellow Monbebes and welcome back to our “Cooking Session with Kihyun”. How did it go with the last 2 cooking session? I hope you all enjoyed your meal and had fun during your cooking time. Today we are going to make “Pork Cutlet Kimchi Udon Hot Pot”. It’s really easy to make and it doesn’t take a lot of time.



Now we need our ingredients:

kimchi (jonggajip)

udon noodles

sesame oil

cheese (parmesan and if you don’t have this one..I used toast cheese)

udon sauce (small package)

2 eggs


First of all, take a frying pan – a big one would be perfect!- and give some sesame oil into the pan. Carefully put the kimchi into the frying pan and stir the kimchi. After about 3 minutes the next step is to give 1 cup of water into the frying pan.  I mixed the water with my udon sauce package beforehand.






Take your udon noodles and give them into the hot pot… I used 2 packages because I cooked for 3 people. It would be good if you try stirring the udon noodles with some chopsticks ( I cooked the whole meal with my cooking chopsticks). Add some more water into the frying pan. Now you can take your 2 eggs and give them into a small bowl and whisk them.








Kihyun just puts the cutlet into the frying pan but I bought fresh meat which is why I cooked it in a different pan and then mix it into my kimchi udon hot pot.  You can do it however you prefer 🙂

Now you can add your eggs into the hot pot and stir it for a few seconds so that your eggs are well mixed into the kimchi hot pot.






Last but not least, take your cheese and mix it into your hot pot. After a few minutes, you can eat your delicious “Pork cutlet Kimchi Udon Hot Pot”.






I hope you all enjoyed our cooking time together and enjoy your meal like our boys 😉




Until next month for our new cooking session with Kihyun 🙂 and have a nice day!













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