BEAUTIFUL in BERLIN -Monsta X World Tour 11.08.17

Hello, Monbebes around the world! I hope all of you had a nice day and to all who were lucky to get a concert ticket for the World Tour of Monsta X – I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 🙂 We have had some difficult moments in Berlin, thanks to My Music Taste, BUT we met really nice Monbebes and made new friends. And of course, our lovely boys made us forget all those problems!!!

Maybe we should start from the beginning: Getting the concert tickets. It was like a war! I’ve never experienced something like that before, and thanks to the great idea of giving out pre-sale codes to a small group of people, the buying of the concert tickets just turned out to be like HELL.

So all of you who got a ticket, CONGRATULATIONS! Two of our Monfamily were also lucky to get High touch tickets and let me tell you our boys were just lovely, sparkling, nice, friendly and gave you the feeling of being welcome and also happiness.

At the airport and in the queue at the venue, we met really nice Monbebes and it was amazing to find out where they were coming from (Spain, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, etc).



For all standing tickets, VIP and VVIPs had to line up for the numbering which got complicated and also created a bit of tension between VIP and VVIP tickets. I mean come on My Music Taste, we all just wanted to see our boys perform and have a nice experience with other Monbebes…. Some girls even lined up the night before despite it being cold and rainy.


Before and during the concert some girls fainted because their bodies were overworked from standing, lack of sleep and some didn’t even drink or eat anything because they were scared to lose their position in the queue.

PLEASE, to ALL PEOPLE who are doing this kind of things: look after yourself and take care of your health! There are really nice Monbebes outside who are friendly, helpful and protect your place!!! Try to keep your health up, because we want the same from Monsta X. We can’t tell them to stay healthy and take care of themselves when we won’t do the same! At the end of the concert, a girl fainted and Monsta X were really worried and shocked so please think of our boys as well!!


The concert was really awesome and the boys even tried to speak German. At this point, I have to say WELL DONE JOOHEON! He was really good at speaking and if you want to see the “whole” concert, a nice Monbebe (thanks, kuggony95)  tried to get everything on camera even if we weren’t allowed to use our phones. If you want to watch it,  click HERE

Monsta X did their best and made the concert unforgettable for all Monbebes! Thank you so much, Monsta X!  During the whole concert you got the feeling of connection; as if we were all a BIG Family or just FRIENDS who met again to have a great time together. I’ve never got this feeling at a concert before!

Now let us talk about the special stages… OMG I mean OOOOOMMMGG they were so awesome and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who got goosebumps and butterflies in her stomach. Kihyun and Jooheon with Mirror… It was beautiful and I love their combination of voices… strong, soft, energetic, sad and also aggressive. Wonho and Hyungwon with Zero.. yeah …Wonho…with ..o gosh…. I just say the jacket WITHOUT a shirt underneath it wasn’t helping concentrate on the song (random comment from Ness: I really need that jacket, it’s so sparkly) They both made an awesome performance and many of us couldn’t breathe… WELL DONE YOU BOTH 😀


Minhyuk, Shownu and I.M were performing 24K Magic and hello Sunshine (Minhyuk)! He definitely shocked some Monbebes with his moves .. I just had to smile and think “Well…Oh hello ^^”.


This concert was the first KPOP concert I’ve attended and also my first standing concert. I have to say I’m glad I saw them live and like I.M said, hopefully, we see them again. Who knows, maybe even next year!  To get the feeling of the concert I really recommend to watch some videos on YouTube but be prepared for heart attacks and some breathing problems




“I am happy because of you.”

And we are happy because of you.


And to all Monbebes who could not attend the concert, don’t worry and GOOD LUCK as there will be a next time!

Stay healthy everyone and let our boys shine forever!

Yours sincerely,



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