Hello Monbebes  and welcome back to our second “Monsta X Edits”!  😉  For this month our theme is “Fall Date with MonstaX”. This theme is perfect for this season and there are also so many awesome edits which should  be appreciated!! So let us begin ….

Please respect all artists and don’t steal their art (copyright). Always ask them before sharing any of their work. The link or name to each artist is below their work.




by Ammy

OMG I would love to have this kind of date with Kihyun!! It looks cozy, romantic but also kinda misterious *.*



by Ammy

Our sweet Maknae would have a nice cozy date with you  with his favorite book and hot chocolate.



by Ammy

OOOOOHH GOSH STARBUCKS!!! Hyungwon I love your idea!!! YEAH let us have our Date with some nice  Starbucks coffee *.*




by Ammy

OMO.. THIS STARE…. Hot chocolate… a laptop…BED… WHY DO I GET EXCITED RIGHT NOW!??!?!? XD Watching some KDrama with Wonho *.* that’s an awesome idea!! But I think Lotus would have already booked this date for herself X 😉  XD

Artist: Ammy

Amino: click Here



by MonstaX Kate

To walk around with Jooheon and enjoy the colors of fall ❤ And afterwards some hot chocolate or coffee and sitting near a nice warm fireplace… NICE




by MonstaX Kate

I don’t know what to say….. these colors and Changkyun..OMO…great combination ^^ I know a friend of mine who would be excited to have this kind of date with him ^^


Artist: MonstaX Kate

Amino:click HERE




by thatoneperson

Ok ..can  I be honest?! Maybe just MAYBE I got butterflies when I saw this XD I LOVE FALL and STARBUCKS (I think you all got that before 😉 ) and then THIS PIC of Shownu he looks so shy and cute XD and APPLES!! I WANT THIS DATE!!! *.* (great now I sound like Lotus XD….. NESS HELP!!)




by thatoneperson

And again… Changkyun I’ll send you my friend XD I can see her already jumping around or blushing just of that thought XD XD



by thatoneperson

Jooheon…Candles..Coffee… Book….Music…that looks so amazing and comfortable and that’s a beautiful idea!




by thatoneperson

I think this date would be nice with Hyungwon our handsome sleeping Beauty! It looks also perfect for friends who just want to meet!




by thatoneperson

Kihyun what’s with this face XD XD I really get into the mood to have a date XD well done our artists!! and ThatOnePerson *.* I love the combination and harmony of the the different pictures!




by thatoneperson

Harry Potter… a bed for cuddling… music.. and our sunshine Minhyuk O.O    OMO this …wow..  I like IT XD (that reminds me…I wanted to watch all Harry Potter movie this month XD XD)




by thatoneperson

Our handsome Wonho …a cozy cafe and some hot tea *.*  *.* and HIS SMILE!! I think now many Monbebes are melting away XD XD

Artist: thatoneperson

Amino:click HERE


That’s it for our 2nd MonstaX edits post! I hope you all enjoyed these awesome and really beautiful edits by our different artists! I’m glad to got this chance to show you all these edits and also how creative Monbebes can be 🙂


Until next month, live with a heart full of fall colors ❤

Yours sincerely,





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