MonstaX at LieV “Goodnight Monbebes”

Hello lovely Monbebes!! I’m sure most of you watched LieV with MonstaX and maybe some of you fell asleep with MonstaX. For me the LieV was during the day and also during my working hours…so nothing like “go to bed with MonstaX”.  But I enjoyed it anyway 🙂



Maybe a few of you are thinking “Why does she write about this one Live Show from MonstaX and not from others too?”. That’s easy to answer.. we all know that Wonho is still not fully recovered but was still on the show. Also when I watched this Show I kind of got the feeling of sharing this, especially if you have insomnia or problems to fall alseep easily. So here are some screenshots I took and also some of their tips to fall asleep 😉

Enjoy it!!



First of all Wonho….. I was glad to hear from him that he feels better and also that MonstaX said they are trying to take better care of their health!! I really felt a little bit relieved!




Already at the beginning of the show I really thought I.M and Jooheon also our handsome sleeping beauty Huyngwon would fall asleep after some moments…but they didn’t XD


I think Jooheon fell asleep…


Enter a caption

It was cute when they introduced themselve with a whisper *.* MONSTAX you’re all soooo cute.  And to be honest I’ve never heard about this show before BUT I think that’s an awesome idea also I really think it could help some fans to fall asleep. Well…MonstaX made it happen that I got tired and wanted to sleep..and during work..that’s not really helpful XD (sometimes I can listen to some Shows and broadcast during work makes me also more productive when I’m listening to things I’m interested in 🙂 )



It was really sweet when they said that Monbebes could write their names in the comments and their are trying to call out the names as many as they can for the attendance.. *.*




I had a big smile on my face when I looked at my phone when our lovely talented boys talked about Monbebes. Their face expressions when they talked about how excited they were to see Monbebes again and also that they missed us…. MY HEART WAS MELTING





I mean *.* aaaaw. These are one of the moments when I’m really glad to be exactly in this fandom from THIS Kpopband.



JOOOHEON *.*  that’s soo… gosh I should get myself together XD.. sorry ..I’m trying to be professional again… ok now I had to laugh about myslef XD XD just for writing that XD



Aaaaaand I screamed.. of course just in my head and also a little Austrianmonbebe version danced in my head (gosh sometimes it’s really hard not to scream or make noises at my office 😀 ) when they talked about the international world tour .. AND I’M SOOOO GLAD I WAS ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES WHO  SAW THEM PERFORM




Ooooh this topic was interesting ^^..  ok seriously… I smiled during this topic like an idiot… I mean ..he he he



GUYS SERIOUSLY SOMETIMES YOUR SEXINESS  (sexiNESS XD XD he he he sorry… this joke had to be made)     KILL US MONBEBES



About this screenshot I’m kinda … proud of myself XD this sentence and then THIS look from Hyungwon XD JUST PERFECT



HELL YEAH…..I THINK SO TOO…. (and Lotus is dying more and more XD )


The next part of LieV was just nice and cute 🙂


Jooheon spoke in english and that was great then so even I had the chance to follow their conversation and still could finish my work XD



That looks so cozy…gosh a sleepover party with MonstaX…THAT would be and awesome idea ^^ who wants to join?!



They also talked about their new 5th mini album and you really can tell that they hope we like the new album and also the songs… GOSH I LOVE THIS ALBUM


Aaaw the next conversation…that was really cute and sweet… (I’m sure Lotus had to smile during this conversation 😉 )


Wonho talked about his mother that she was dressed up when she met him and the other ones of MonstaX. And you can tell he’s really honest when he’s talking about his mother. Also that he was moved when he saw her dressed up for them.



The sweet thing is that Wonho’s mother cares not only for her son but also for the other ones… I think that goes for every mother of our boys .. gosh my heart was  jumping and I felt so happy about that.


SHE brought them coffee.. gosh she’s a real nice person 🙂


Now we are coming to some tips for a better sleep



Some people say that only silence can bring you into a deep and good sleep BUT do what you feel more relaxed…I’m usually listening to calm music especially from kdramas.. I’ve made my own soft Kdrama playlist just for sleeping.  And also some songs from our talented boys are really perfect for relaxing and falling asleep.



IMG_0668 (2)

Topic blankets….. each person has a different taste…that also goes for blankets.. if you can’t tell which kind of blanket you like or you need to get a cozy feeling just try it out 🙂 I have 3 different ones…. for the seasons and also one just for rainy cozy days.


IMG_0669 (2)

You’re so right Shownu…  I’m sure some of you love to read some pages of their favorite book before they fall asleep other ones need to go through their social media accounts.. take your time and figure out what fits perfect for you!! And it could also help just listening to this show to make you sleepy and help you fall into a deep and healthy sleep!



A walk around in the evening can also help.. I’m sure you all realized during summer or winter season when you’re most of the time in the fresh air you fall easily asleep at night. So why not walking around and enjoy the evening 🙂 maybe you find also some new places in your area 🙂



They played one song… I’m sorry I can’t tell the title BUT just listening to it made me tired and sleepy… if anyone of you can tell me the title.. please write it down in the comments 🙂 THAAANKS



Ok..fighter…seriously guys… THIS SONG MAKES ME SOO HYPED…



Gosh their laughs…. I love the sound of their laughing.. THIS ALWAYS CALMS ME DOWN especially when I really need to calm down … Kihyun and Hyungwon ..aaaaw




5 million hearts.. well deserved!!!! AND MINHYUK WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE… ok to be honest.. that kinda reminded me of myself XD.. (thanks to all my friends who can handle me XD )



Yeah…understandable that one of the Monbebes was afraid Hyungwon falls asleep.. look at his face XD XD he looks like he’s going to fall asleep evevery second 😀




If MonstaX would ever record some lullabies… I would buy the whole album IMMEDIATLY.. and maybe it would also help my nephew… mhm…


Now we are coming to the moment when I got hungry… thanks shownu -.- .. I was driving home and still listend to the show.. and just hearing …this sooo..HUNGRY


ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)

I think you all heard that at school … but maybe  in the context with stress moments… we love to eat crunchy snacks when we feel stressed and the sound of crunchy snacks have the effect of calming down.. that’s why it could also help you at sleeping problems…

Good advice..don’t listen to that…if you’re already a little bit on low energy and need food.. XD



Gosh those snacks look really yummy….




Yeah… Wonho and Shownu…well done… I came home and needed food immediatly..


Lovely Monbebes we are coming to the end of this post now… 😉


Als at the end of the show LieV they called out some names of Monbebes.. and that was just sweet.. and gave you the feeling of a real sleepover party with MonstaX.


I have to say when MonstaX are calling out names it gives me always the feeling of united and also a strong connection between them and us 🙂






With this last picture.. I’m going to say

I hope some of the tips from MonstaX helps you to fall asleep easily and maybe also to get over your insomnia.. 🙂 so Goodnight everyone 😉

yours sincerely,





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