Hello Monbebes!! TODAY was one of the best DAYS in this year. I think all of you or most of you have seen The Show, tweets and every other post on all the different social media sites that MONSTAX WON!! YEAH THEY DID IT!! Our talented boys finally got what they deserve!!!


Let us begin with the results… we all have already seen the high numbers but only at the end when everything was counted together WE ALL SAW and maybe we all screamed at the same moment.  Monsta X was so shocked, they didn’t believe it first. Can you imagine this!??!?! They were surprised and shocked by that result. *tears in the corner of the eye*




Here you can see the shocked faces of Minhyuk and Kihyun!!!! To be honest, it makes me sad to see their shocked face expression!! GUYS YOU DESERVE THAT PLEASE, DON’T BE SO SURPRISED!!!



(Ness here : They did not expect to win, but guys – you deserve it so much)




I was totally fine…till I saw Shownu crying and then the other ones…and Kiyhun and Wonho…I wanted to cry in a corner because you could see their happiness!!




Thanks for making me cry during work… BUT THEY WERE TEARS OF HAPPINESS


IMG_0770 - Kopie


Minhyuk was, I think, the most shocked one… he couldn’t stop crying and sobbing.


IMG_0773 - Kopie


I’m really sorry this screenshot isn’t that great.. but my tears made my vision kinda blurry 😀




Okay, this made my heart melt and my tears falling like a waterfall… Shownu…when he tried to talk as their leader and say thank you.. he couldn’t say a sentence without breaks and sobbing.. *.*


IMG_0774 - Kopie


When Shownu couldn’t talk anymore Jooheon took the microphone and spoke for him.  Some of my friends, Lotus, Ness, and I were surprised by Jooheon’s reaction because he didn’t cry and was more…professional if you can say that in this kind of moment. But it was sweet of him to speak so that Shownu could get his emotions together.


IMG_0775 - Kopie


IMG_0776 - Kopie


IMG_0777 - Kopie


Hyungwon and Minhyuk…gosh my heart…. just seeing this pictures…make me teary again …


IMG_0778 - Kopie


Kihyun.. ok when I saw this I had to pause and stand up… it was too much for me to handle… I should have been screaming of happiness but I was just emotional and crying…




Can you all see Minhyuk and Wonho!?!?”?  Changkyun and Jooheon ..were the most …how should I put it….non-emotional ones???  I don’t know how they managed not to cry ..but yeah..they did it…


(Ness here again: Pokerface at its finest. I don’t think they’d realised what was happening. This entire moment was so filled with shock, joy, gratitude and more. When Lotus notified me about Monsta X win I screamed before I broke down crying on my bathroom floor – and I am not the one try cry over these things. Gosh, just looking at these pictures makes me tear up again…)



After The Show was done, Monsta X made a Vlive and ..this made me more teary and emotional and also more proud to be a Monbebe!



You all can see how Minhyuk is facing the wall and trying not to cry again.. Hyungwon in the background tries his best too…




I can’t tell how often they said thank you and I don’t understand Korean…just a little bit thanks to all vlives and also to my Korean dramas…but THAT I understood

I have to say – I watched the Vlive before I watched the videos on YouTube of The Show.. so I was more emotional watching this vlive.




Finally a SMILE. Thanks Wonho for smiling and laughing…because of this I could breathe for a moment




yeah… here we go again with the crying… did I already mention… THIS IS MY SOFT SPOT…seeing our talented boys crying … MY HEART …






OMG… after speaking…Hyungwon went back and faced the wall to cry… I had to stand up and go to my colleague/friend.. it was too much to handle for me!! PLEASE DON’T CRY HYUNGWON!!




THAT caught my breath… I think I wasn’t breathing for some moments…  I was hoping they wouldn’t do that… But Monsta X were so thankful to us – TO ALL MONBEBES – so they bowed down. ..oh gosh..I’m starting to cry again.  Personally, Monsta X have done so much for me, especially this year. I’m so thankful to them and then they bowed down for us. My heart couldn’t take that.


(Ness: Now this. As if I was not crying enough. 큰절… I have to say, when they were about to bow down I got up and started yelling “No, no, don’t do that!” at my phone. I just couldn’t believe it. Honestly, Monsta X love Monbebes so much and were so grateful..let’s just say I ended up on the floor again.)




TO ALL MONBEBES we finally did it!! Monsta X got 1st and won we can all be proud of our boys and also proud of our fandom! I’m sure happy to call myself a Monbebe and say out loud that MONSTA X is one of the BEST KPOP GROUPS and I’m so happy for them.

The best thing –  after this show they went up on MELON!!! they climbed up more than 367 places !!! They are getting more recognise more and that’s AWESOME!!

So keep #MonstaX1stWin trending and show them our love and happiness!


I wish everyone a fantastic day/evening!


Yours sincerely,




Short story of what happened when Lotus (Me in the story) saw the news of their first win:



#ThankYouMonstaX – Trend the hashtag!


Here are a few of the wonderful tweets made by Monbebes around the world to say thanks back to Monsta X

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