ART CORNER: NOVEMBER “Darkside of Monsta X”

Welcome back to our ART Corner post!! This month’s theme is “Darkside of Monsta X”. During this season of the year, it’s dark outside and you just want to be in your cosy bed and read some books or watch some Monsta X videos. But I think we all would go out if those pretty guys would be outside in the darkness  ^^

I hope you all are going to enjoy the following arts! 🙂

Please respect all artists and don’t steal their art (copyright). Always ask them before sharing any of their work. The link or name to each artist is below their drawing.


Let us begin with our first art ^^

by Bittermelontea

OH MY GOSH!! I would join the dark side immediately if Kiyhun would ask me! What about you? With this fan art, I’m also getting the feeling of struggling and if he had to fight against some demons….. I LOVE IT!!!

Artist: bittermelontea

Instagram: @bittermelontea



by Iezz

WOWOWOWW Minhyuk 0.0 why so…bad boy like ^^ I have to admit…he looks damn hot like this!!!! I didn’t know this kind of darkness would be inside of our Sunshine 😀

I just imagine Minhyuk with this kind of hairstyle… OMO that would be AWESOME!! Could someone contact Starship please and recommend this hairstyle!?!?



by Iezz

Here we go again with our bad boy Kihyun 0.0 , To be honest, this art I fell in love with immediately!!! I love this kind of art and also our THEME XD XD yeah I’m totally into dark things and bad boys ^^

And this art also reminds me of a movie…but I don’t know which one *tries to remember and stares at the art*


Artist: Iezz

Instagram: @iezz

Twitter: @iezz_mx




by ibon_ssi

This art is just PERFECT!!!  I saw this and I knew I need to show you all this beautiful, dark and awesome art!! I’m glad I got the permission 🙂  I get the feeling of dark warriors and also of a strong clan 😉

 I think I would join them in the second when they ask if someone wants to be part of their clan (take me!!!! TAKE ME!!)

Artist: ibon_ssi

Instagram: @ibon_ssi




by Odetteabach

OMO…. WONHO *.* ok… Lotus can we discuss for a second who is allowed to meet this handsome, dangerous bad boy!?!?!?  just WOW! I have to thank this artist for her gorgeous work!!!! WELL DONE!! I can’t find the right words to express my feelings when I’m looking at this 0.0

Oh right, I need to get these kind of clothes!!!

Artist: Odetteabach

Instagram: @odetteabach




And now our last art

by Myo

First of all, I want to say thank you to this artist because she was brave enough to message me and also to send me her fanart!! Every artist has his/her own style and I think it’s important to respect and appreciate every art!! So thank you Myo for being brave!n I’m glad you messaged me!!!


Artist: Myo

Instagram: @reflec7ion


Before I say goodbye for today I want to say one or two things. If you want to share your art but you’re not 100% sure if it’s good enough please remember every art has it’s own style and have some faith in your art!! I’m always happy to see newcomer artists who are brave enough to send me their art!!


So…and now..

I hope you all enjoyed our bad boys and

until next month, live with a heart of darkness ^^ ❤

Yours sincerely,








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