[Project] Monsta X 3rd Anniversary Fundraising: ROUND 2

There are often fundraising activities among different fandoms, and Monbebes are no different! Maybe you’ve seen Korean Monbebes put up an advertisement in subways/train stations/bus stops etc. Or how they organise a bus completely covered with a Monsta X picture and how they celebrate members birthdays with the same kind of advertisement. Isn’t this just wonderful?


Right now there’s a fundraising project going on that has the goal to put

Monsta X on NASDAQ tower! The main organiser is @Project1096MX (twitter)


And now you’re probably wondering how to join…easy!

Rules are in the picture!

For International Monbebes all around the world, you can help us reach the fundraising goal by joining this raffle!

Get the chance to win a Monsta X Merch Box!

This round is sponsored by KOREA BOX, a monthly subscription box filled with Korean snacks, k-Beauty or merch of your favourite groups.

Check them out HERE


2nd Raffle IG


Join by sending

5€ (=1 entry)


15€ (=4 entries)

 eumxmbb@gmail.com via PayPal


The winner will also get some extra FREEBEE stuff!

Also, make sure to join this raffle hosted by @Project1096MX :


Any questions?

You can ask us by simply commenting on this post or:

Email: office@monstaxeufanclub.com

Twitter: @eumxmbb

Instagram: EuMxMBB





For questions about the project itself, you can ask @project1096MX on twitter!

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