Hello, Monbebes around the world!! Welcome back to our “Cooking Session with Kihyun”! For the first time ever I’m going to divide one post into two … maybe you’re asking now “WHY???”. Easy to answer 😉  In the last Vlive, Kihyun and Minhyuk cooked together and to be honest I couldn’t eat everything at once. That’s why I thought maybe I should divide the vlive into two posts. Today’s menu will be the “DramaramaMonbebe Steak” ..Kihyun what exactly did you have mind when you named this menu?! I mean…repeat this word over and over again and always faster XD


Ok, enough of my blah blah… let’s start cooking 😉

Our ingredients 🙂

3 steaks ( I used beef steaks but small ones without bone)

 onions ( I used just half)

 1/2 cup Red wine

olive oil

 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp sugar

black pepper, salt





In that picture, the onion looks small but it’s big I SWEAR XD

So here again the ingredients but this time Kihyun is telling you  😉




Yeah, Minhyuk I got your story but  I have to admit… I was more concentrating on what Kihyun is doing XD I’m so sorry sunshine!




That’s the cup I used for the red wine and also for the mixing up later








I’m so sorry… I was just taking pictures..and now I saw which face expression I caught XD XD Sorry Kihyun XD




Ok for the first step take your red wine cup and mix it with olive oil… To be honest, I can’t tell you how much I used because I saw how much Kihyun used and I just tried to do it like him…. maybe about 3-4 tablespoon ..(I’m just hiding my face under my pullover right now)





Now take a big bowl where you can give your steaks and the wine-olive oil mix into it. The steaks are going to be in this mix till we use them later 🙂 You can say they are taking a long nice bath XD XD




It’s time for our onions 🙂 prepare yourself to cry XD




Dice your onions… I cut them for a few minutes so that they are really small.




Put a little amount of the olive oil into a pan and put the onions into it.




When the onion dices are transparent or golden put some sugar (remember just one tablespoon) into the pan.  Mix it really well and be careful not to burn any of it!!

I also started to cook /make my rice now 🙂



Now take your wine bottle again and give some of it to your pan with the onions. ( I hope you’re all allowed to eat that XD and maybe if you have to drive somewhere…you should  consider public transport XD XD) Take your salt and pepper and give it into your sauce too 🙂




It looks like that with the wine  and already smells freaking delicious *.* Also, take the balsamic vinegar and give it into the wine onion mixture.

You can reduce the heat now …maybe to low heat..




Next step is to take your steaks out of their bath and give them to a pan with oil. It’s normal if the meat is stuck on your pan.. but please be careful and turn the meat often and fast at the beginning. It depends on how well done you want your steak but I stirred them around …maybe.. 4-6 minutes… or maybe less.. I just let them stir till they had a nice colour.



Meat and sauce are ready… now I have to get my rice and give everything on my plate 🙂


OUR DRAMARAMAMONBEBE  STEAK is ready to be eaten 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed our cooking session and enjoy your delicious meal 🙂



Until next month for our new cooking session with Kihyun (part 2 of this post)🙂 and have a nice day!












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