Hello, lovely Monbebes! It’s time for our part 2 of the last cooking session video with Kihyun. Todays menu will be “Monbebebebe Spaghetti and Minhyuk’s Salad”. I rewatched the whole video.. and this time I could concentrate more on their interaction and also what Minhyuks doing XD XD



Gosh, this guy is hilarious!! He was always searching for something XD and because he was already so hungry you saw that he wanted to just order some food so badly XD POOR Minhyuk!. But I think he did a great job πŸ™‚



So ..are you ready Monbebes? Then let’s start cooking πŸ˜€


First of all, we need our ingredients:

Minhyuk’s Chicken Salad:



onions (half – the other half we are going to use for the Spaghetti)

Β 1 package Chicken breast

chicory salad ( is used 2 different salads)

dressing (mustard -honey )


Monbebebebe Spaghetti:


tomato sauce

onions (the 2nd half of the salad)


shrimps ( I didn’t use them but I tell you what you need to do)

cream sauce


I started with the salad. πŸ™‚ So, first of all, you should wash your salad… I was supposed to use chicory salad but PEOPLE are going INSANE after HOLIDAYS. I couldn’t find any chicory salad like.. ARE YOU SERIOUS!??! Take your chicken breast and give it into a cooking pan with boiling water.

Next step is to slice the half onion (or both halves because we need both) into small pieces. I also sliced the parsley into small pieces because I had the time and wanted to have every little thing done already. When your chicken is white put in on a plate to cool down for some moments… (please be careful it’s hot and we don’t want to end like Minhyuk XD ).


Sorry the light isn’t that great..


So now we take mayonaise and the nuts and give them into the bowl with our salad. Take your chicken breast and slice it thinly .. you can easily pull the flesh out.Β  It’s time to mix everything now :)!!



Here you can see the nuts.. they are from our garden.. gosh I love our garden XD


I’m so sorry.. just saw that the quality is kinda bad of this picture.. Here I gave the onions into the bowl and mixed it again.

During the Vlive I just saw a yellow dressing… Minhyuk didn’t really mention which kind of dressing it is… so I used a honey mustard dressing.




Then your salad is ready to be eaten πŸ™‚ you can eat it for an own meal or as a side dish. Minhyuk and I used it as own meal XD


Β 2nd. Menu: Monbebebebe Spaghetti

Seriously..this name… anyway… now we are going to make our spaghetti. Of course, our first step is to cook our spaghetti noodles ( I cooked them four… 5-7 minutes). The shrimps you should wash! When your noodles are in the boiling water ( don’t forget the salt!!) you can give some olive oil into a frying pan and then put the sliced onions into the pan. IMG_1355

After some moments you can give your shrimps( like I said before… I didn’t use shrimps) into the frying pan too… let it stir till they are getting golden. Then it’s time to give our slices parsley into the mixture. (Your noodles should be ready now.. take them out of the water and give them at the side!) When it’s golden you take your tomato sauce and give it into the mix.

Give your noodles into the mix with your tomato sauce and then take the cream sauce and put some into the pan. It’s normal that the colour of your menu is changing now! Don’t worry like Kiyhun XD



The last step… ENJOY YOUR FOOD


So my lovely Monbebes ..that’s it for today’s post!

Until next month for our new cooking session with Kihyun andΒ πŸ™‚ have a nice day!



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