MONSTA X CLOSET: Little Black Everything

Happy New Year!

Hopefully, everyone has had a wonderful night with their friends and family and may 2018 be a great year for all of you!

Today I would like to welcome you all to the first “Monsta X’s Closet”

See, I am not the biggest fashionista around – you can tell just by me using the term fashionista – but I do appreciate seeing well-dressed humans. Especially when those humans happen to be Monsta X. So this series is not only about bringing you my favourite outfits but also how you can recreate them.

For the first post of this series, I have decided to go with the king of fashion himself – Wonho.

I mean, Wonho looks good in everything but an all-black outfit.. *and the choirs start singing*.  It is just a beautiful sight to everyone who loves their dark clothes a little too much. Nothing beats a good monochrome outfit so if you’re done staring at those Wonho’s pictures (Yes, Lotus, I’m talking to you) here’s how to create the look:

(and before you ask no, this is not sponsored)


Wonho is just wearing some simple black pants that seem to have a higher sitting waistline so here are three options:

(1) ASOS high-waisted jeans for 48€

 (2) H&M super stretch jeans for 25€

(3) Missguided skinny jeans for 27€


Oh, how I wish I could pull off a turtleneck… Of course, Wonho looks great in it

(1) ASOS jumper with rib detail for 22€

(2) H&M turtleneck for 13€

(3) Mango knit jumper for 16€


Wonho seems to be wearing a pair of shiny Chelsea boots but you could, of course, go for some matte shoe as well.

(1) H&M Chelsea boots for 30€

(2) H&M ankle boots for 20€

(3) H&M leather boots for 50€


Ah, the leather jacket…She comes in various styles and colours but the classic black biker version will forever be a favourite. The question is leather or no leather?

(1) Pull&Bear biker jacket for 28€

(2) H&M real leather jacket for 250€


Speaking of favourites, baseball caps have become an essential part of any airport outfit.

(1) H&M cotton cap for 6€

(2) ASOS baseball cap for 9€


(1) H&M leather belt for 15€

 (2) Pieces buckle belt for 16€


We cannot forget about accessories! Wonho loves his jewellery and since this outfit is so simple you can go all out!

(1) ASOS silver ring for 14€  (2) ASOS silver studs for 11€

(3) ASOS silver hoops for 9€  (4) ASOS leather bag for 34€

(5) ASOS multi-row necklace for 11€

So what do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to let me know if you want to see more.

Until next time,


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