Hello gorgeous Monbebes around the world! I’m sure some of you watched the Olympic Torch relay with our prescious boys 🙂 weren’t they just adorable and cute!?!?! I was kinda proud that they got the chance to hold the Olympic flame 🙂 WELL DONE  BOYS!!!!

Sorry for the short fangirling moment XD back to the topic!! For this month I choose the theme “Anime Guys” because at our Amino App there was this anime challange and I saw so many beautiful anime arts that I needed to share them with you all! I hope you are enjoying them! If you want to comment what you think about the following arts your welcome to do this 🙂

Please respect all artists and don’t steal their art (copyright). Always ask them before sharing any of their work. The link or name to each artist is below their drawing.



by mur.malade

Maybe some of you are thinking right now “anime? Where is that an anime art?” When you look at wonhos face and also the vibe of this drawing I get the feeling of an anime movie. I don’t know why but when I saw this beautiful and also catchy art I knew I needed it for todays theme.


Artist: mur.malade

IG: @mur.malade


by Flik

Well hello handsome Kihyun who tries to tease us all here. I feel like I’m playing the game “Mystic Messenger”… well…. ok I’m kinda addicted to that game but serious…Kihyun I FEEL TEASED HERE


by Flik

AAWEEE cutie Minhyuk!! He looks like “Did I do something wrong? or Why does her face look like that?” He seems like the typical naive cute anime guy where they don’t get why the girls are blushing 🙂


by Flik

Jooheon….the gangster-troublemaker-handsome-guy next door- character… I love the vibe I get from this art 🙂 He looks like the troublemaker guy in every anime but in real he is soft and also sometimes a scary cat XD oh right… that’s really jooheon XD XD XD

Artist: Flik

Amino: click here



by Allison

Here a different side of Jooheon! Who would have imagine him like that?!?! WOW just WOW.  I’M TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH TOKYO GHOUL AND NOW SEEING JOOHEON LIKE THIS *.*  I would totally fight with him against…the world XD


Ok the next one is also a different style but well…

by Allison

I would have never draw Changkyun like that..BUT his smile!! WELL DONE ALLISON!! He looks so XD how should I put it…. he looks like he has a plan or he would do something silly soon 😀 But you get totally the Changkyun vibes with this art. I would defently buy the manga with this drawing style.. Oh … (note for the artist: HOW WOULD BE A WEBTOON WITH THIS DRAWING!?!? I would be your first subscriber 😉 )

Artist: Allison

IG: @bags1126


Now we are coming already to our last art and artist 🙂

by Luan.vanci

Ok it war really not my intention to get so much Jooheon art XD but..well..they catched all my eye XD XD XD What I love about this art isn’t just the drawing style no ..also the variation of colors and the background style in general. It gives you a fresh, cute and also a naughty vibe 🙂


Artist: Luan.Vanci

IG: @luan.vanci


So that’s it for todays fan art post!

I hope you all enjoyed  and

until next month, live with a  😉 heart of anime  ❤

Yours sincerely,





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