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Hello lovely Monbebes! I hope you’re all healthy and fine. After finally watching “King of Masked Singer” with Shownu, I searched for all variety Shows where MonstaX participated. I found several ones but sometimes they weren’t completed. So I thought it’s time for our version of MASTERLIST. In this Masterlist you’re not going to find No Exit or Deokspatch mentioned, because that’s their own variety Show.

At first I’m going to write about all shows were all Members (or most of them) participated and then about each member.  I have to say.. GOSH THEY ARE ACTIVE… I got so confused during my searching-for- information-mission. But well… I hope nothing is missing.  IF SO… feel free to complete the list with  leaving a comment 🙂

Now let us start!!


Idol Star Championship (ISAC)


MonstaX participated the first time in 2016.


Our boys aren’t only great in singing and also archery .. 2016 they set a new record. I was so proud of them 🙂 WELL DONE



If you want to watch the whole Championship I recommend to write ” Idol Star Championship *year*” in your search bar..becauce some of the streaming sites aren’t allowed in every country.. maybe try kshowonline or viki. But if you can’t find it..don’t worry they are many videos at YouTube 😉


Weekly Idol


Here I got confused after some time.. because Jooheon participated alone several times and Minhyuk too. But here are some episodes 😉 201, 216, 297, 254, 255, 258. ( The list was longer..but i found 2 different infomartion sites.. so I tried to be on the save site and just wrote the episodes which I can also find at YouTube) ->last episode of the Weekly Idol MCs 348.. BUT the last episode stirred up a controversy  because of the comments of Jeong Hyeong-don and rapper Defconn. I really hope no one will be angry with our boys..because none of them  knew how to react to comments like this!


After School Club

What would we all do without After School Club.. ^^

MonstaX participated in the following episodes: 161, 177, 213, 235, 259 and 290

It’s always a pleisure to listen to their questions and the answers of several idols *hehehe*

Viki has After School Club (also other streaming sites) but… we go with Viki.


Running Man

I have to mention that they were split up.. Shownu was in the Hunting Team of Jong Kook/ Wonho, Minhyuk, IM, Kihyun and Hyungwon were the hunters of HaHa. To be honest.. I couln’t find Jooheon.. maybe some of you have more luck then me 😉

Episode 319



Screenshot-2018-2-1 KShowOnline Com (2)

Sorry for those bad pictures.. first trying of Screenshot on my PC XD


Idol Battle Like


Thanks to this episode… whenever I hear GDFR or WORTH IT I’m always thinking of Jooheon and Wonho XD XD


If you didn’t watch it yet.. click HERE


Fan Heart Attack IDOL TV

Yeah this title fits perfect for this show XD  Be prepared to die from laughing 😉


If you want to watch this just click HERE

Enjoy it 😉 😉 ^^


Live Idol TV


This interview was just hilarious… especially Hyungwon XD

You didn’t see it yet? No problem 😉 just  click HERE  for part 1 and for the 2nd part HERE.


The East Light (KBS World Show)

MonstaX participated in this “show” after DRAMARAMA was revieled. 😉

Just  click HERE  and enjoy or our funny sexy handsome boys ^^


Amigo TV

XD gosh… I love this show… when they had to draw the words XD DYING RIGHT HERE

Please  click HERE   to watch this episode 🙂 and have fun!


New Yang Nam

I was confused when I read that… but after searching also at YouTube and found the videos with the title “Kihyun is Shownus biggest fan” I recognised which show that is XD

well.. I kinda spoiled now for all those who didn’t watch it yet 🙂 SORRY

It is episode 5 or if you want to watch it via YouTube   click HERE. But I have to say I couldn’t finde the whole episode on Youtube..


LieV (VLive)

For this you can also find different Youtube Videos but I recommend to get Vlive app also for supporting our talented boys.




The Boss is Watching

This one was interesting…and I kinda screamed and yelled.. even if they couldn’t hear me chearing for them XD (Episode 1)

I found it on Kshowonline.. if you find other streaming sites please tell us in the comments!


DRAMA TIME with MonstaX

Here are some Dramas where MonstaX had some short scenes

Hit the Top


Episode 4 (you can also find it unde the title ” The Best Hit”



High-End Crush

Episode 12.. here you can see them dancing and GOSH how handsome they are..

Hello Mr. Right

click here if you want to watch it RIGHT NOW

The Producers

You can see them at episode 9



If you want to watch the episode with MonstaX click HERE.

At the show “‘Run to you” you can see different idol bands who perform their song/dance in public.  So if you’re in Korea it could be possible that you may see one idol group perform for the show “Run to you” 😉


Now each Member… Shownu is the most active one here.. so I write the show and the episode and try to keep it short (sorry it’s a looooong post)


Running Man Episode 307



Law of the Jungle Episode 216- 219



Lipstick Prince

Season 1 Episode 11 and 12

Season 2   Episode 3, 8,9,10



Hit the Stage

ShownuHitTheStageEpisode 5 and 6 ( Uniform Theme)

Episode 7 and 8 (Crazy Match)

Finals Episode 10



Cool Kiz on the Block

Click here to see how good Shownu at swimmin is ^^


Oh Que Nam


Helloooo HANDSOME…  you can watch HERE or you’re watching it on your Streamingsite


Video Star

Episode 73 .. if you want to see some teaser.. CLICK HERE


Master Key

2017 Episode 2   CLICK HERE to get some teaser



CLICK HERE if you want to see how CUTE he can be..


King of Masked Singer


Episode 137



King of Masked Singer

masked singer revealed

Episode 40


Ceo Next Door

I’m really sorry but I can’t even find the whole episode ( I think it’s Episode 13) ..just some short videos at Youtube.. but click HERE to get the YouTube videos.



Singing Battle

Click here to watch his performance or watch the whole Episode (23)



Hyungwon participated in Fashion Shows but also in one DRAMA.


The Drama is called “Please Find Her” .. and his character.. fits 😉

Click Here to see him at Episode 2


He participated at Law of the Jungle Patagonia (episode 302- 305). He did an awesome job there and I was really proud of him 🙂 He didn’t know that long that he’s going to participate at this show ..therefore..he did an amazing job 😀


Minhyuk, Kihyun and IM participated also at Overwatch against 2 Members of VIXX

(Episode 7-10) Click Here to see their gaming skills


So ..That’s it for today… Sorry it got a little bit long *embarassed laugh*

Have fun with all those variety shows and have a nice day!

Yours sincerely,




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