Cooking Session With Kihyun

Hello everyone! I’m sorry if you already waited for the post last month.. but here we go with a new “Cooking Session with Kiyhun”. Todays menue is…..  “KkukkuKkakka Pizza” and “Dumpling Pancakes”. Yeah… this kkukkukkakka word.. makes me…feeling strange but our boys called it like that XD. If you don’t believe me.. watch “Don’t take care of my refrigerator” ;).


So let us begin with our ingredients:

mandu (korean dumplings)

4 eggs

pancake powder (yeeah..i was also surprised)


cheese (pizza cheese)

Soya sauce for the pizza to dip in




First of all … the mandu (dumplings) if you don’t find them at your asian store… they are easy to do by yourself. Here is everything you need for your selfmade dumplings.

-> you can also watch my favourite video for that just click HERE


2 cup all- purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

2/3 cup of water

1 bamboo steamer

for the filling I used zucchini, onions , pepper and salt and also sesame oil.

Mix everything together and knead until it’s one lump. Then give it into a plastic bag and let it rest for 10 minutes. Afterwards knead it again until it’s smooth. Now you cut it into 16 pieces. Those pieces you’re not kneading give back into your bag so they can’t dry out. Now take your dough roller and make out of each piece one circle. The middle part have to be thicker as the edge part. After you rollled out all your pieces just take your filling ( I just gave them into the pan for 1 minute) and give some of the filling in the middle of each of your dumpling wraps. Then you’re going to make some “bags” and give them into your bamboo steamer.


Don’t forget to give enough water into your pan where you’re going to give your bamboo steamer into it. Let it stir for 20 minutes. …and then you have your own dumplings!

Now back to the KkukkuKkakka pizza and our dumpling pancake..


I used for each menue 2 eggs.. It was hard to figure out what they did with all their ingredients XD


I gave my mandus into my mixer so they get well crushed. Then I gave half of the crushed dumplings into an extra bowl for my KkukkuKkakka pizza.



Now to our pizza.



After you mixed your crushed dumplings and your 2 eggs take your cheese and give about half of the package into it. Also take your bacon and give it into our mixture. Then take your pan and after eding some butter give your pizza mixture into it.


OMG it smells good… 😀



Let it get brown on both sites and then it’s ready to get eaten 😉 Yeah it was really fast done XD




It’s time to do our pancake now ^^

The half of the crushed mandus from before you need to mix them with 2 eggs and if you also don’t have this pancake powder just take 1/8 litre of milk and mix it in your mixer.


After mixing it into a pancake similar texture take a bigger pan than before and give some butter or oil into it.  Give your pancake mixture into the pan.



When the mixture isn’t liquid anymore you can turn it. BUT BE CAREFUL!



My pancake got REALLY fluffy…like WOW THAT’S FLUFFY.


When your pancake is on both sites light brown it’s finished and ready to be served 🙂


Yeah they also made noodles…but after I saw how Jooheon reacted … I didn’t want to try that out 😀

To be honest I wasn’t sure if it tastes really good like Jooheon said..but the pizza and the pancake was good! I loves especially the KkukkuKkakka pizza. It was soo good and filled me up 🙂



Until next month for our new cooking session with Kihyun 🙂 and have a nice day!




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