MONSTA X CLOSET: Casual Elegance

Hello, beautiful Monbebes!

See, I am not the biggest fashionista around – you can tell just by me using the term fashionista – but I do appreciate seeing well-dressed humans. Especially when those humans happen to be Monsta X. So this series is not only about bringing you my favourite outfits but also how you can recreate them.


Happy birthday Wonho!

What better way to celebrate his birthday than to dedicate this month’s fashion post to the fashion king himself.



Black, white and red – the combination that will kill thousands of you. How can he look so elegant wearing activewear? Is it the Gucci shirt, the Louis bag? But we all know, he could be wearing a paper bag and still look good.

Here is how you can recreate this birthday boy’s look:

(and before you ask no, this is not sponsored)



Nice comfy fire red joggers are the way to go for this look

(1) ONYROMAPanel Solid Pants for 40€

 (2) adicolor Three Stripe Track Pants for 60€

(3) adicolor 3 Stripes Tight for 35€

Top #1:


Layers, layers, layers. Wonho’s shirt has two stripes….1,2,3 there we go

(1) adidas Originals Black Three Stripe Long Sleeve T-Shirt for 40€

(2) New Look Long Sleeve Top With Stripe In Black for 13€

Top #2:


Choose your favourite brand. The second one might not be a Gucci shirt, but for sure gives off that feel

(1) Calvin Klein Logo T-Shirt for 40€

(2) Noisy May Slogan T-Shirt for 14€

(3) Levis Perfect T-Shirt with Vintage Logo for 30€



Some nice platforms or shiny slip-ons  to complete the laid-back look? Or how about some killer heels? Those would look amazing as well.

(1) Converse One Star Platform Ox for 95€

(2) ASOS DIANNA Slip On Plimsolls for 24€


Now all you gotta do is throw on a cap, grab your sunglasses and favourite black bag and you’re ready to go.

(1) River Island Ocean Lens Aviator Sunglasses for 15€

(2) New Era NY 9Forty Red Cap for 23€

(3) AJ Morgan Aviator Sunglasses With Blue Lens for 21€





So what do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to let me know what you want to see next.

Until next time,


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