Music Film_The Connect and Jealousy MV

Hello everyone! This post won’t be that long… or I think I’m not going to write so much… XD After watching the new videos from Monsta X I thought I have to write about it and also appreciate those awesome music videos. So maybe we should start with the “Music Film_The Connect”.

I watched this together with my colleague at work and she’s not a Monbebe (not yet he he he) but she also was really excited about it. The Music Film had 3 parts and all those parts were really good and made so many Monbebes do a lot of theories.


To be honest, since DRAMARAMA I get the feeling that the quality of their videos got A LOT BETTER… Like.. they are the new BIG competitors against BTS. With BTS I’ve always got the feeling with their videos  I’m watching a movie which tells me a story. And now I get this strong feeling also with the videos of Monsta X… I always need to grab some popcorn or chips XD I’ve always loved their videos but NOW I ADORE THEM



Part 1 is about THE CODE and you can see some scenes from DRAMARAMA. And here I have to say all those hourglasses and watches.. I LOVE THE CONCEPT!! But what’s going to happen?


FindingThe Road_MusicFilm

Part 2 was titled FINDING THE ROAD and then you see and hear I.M *:* I got goosebumps but I have to say I LOVE  “Destroyer” … this song gives me so many different kinds of feelings!! I.M gives always a manly and strong vibe also in this scene  🙂



The quality of this music film is GORGEOUS and I need to rewatch it over and over again. Here we can see our guys searching for their way..


The Connect_Part3 MusicFilm

Part 3 CONNECTED .. Gosh why I’m getting goosebumps just with those GIFs 0.0 Jooheon at part 3 OMO just OMO. Each of the parts is really interesting and makes you think of so many different kinds of stories and theories… Like what’s about the hourglasses? Dramarama?! Jealousy?! Destroyer?!? But they are all still connected…



Gosh, one of my favourite scenes.. Jooheon jumping OMG



What I love at the end is that they are all together in the subway.. and you get the feeling something is still off… GOSH, GUYS, YOU’RE MAKING THINK TOO MUCH ABOUT IT *sighs* well…hello sleepless nights XD

If you got into the mood to watch it again just click here  and enjoy it again 😉




This one…omg.. Jealousy has so many things I really love and those angles *.* and the dance choreography OMG

I love all those darker videos and also when the concept has this kind of style. And OMG I think this video was the first one of Monsta X where even I dropped my phone several times XD (yeah Ness you read correct XD )



I mean HELLO look at those OUTFITS and THEIR MOVES and EVERYTHING. Is it strange if I say I’m proud of our boys for this kind of video XD

Also Hyungwons hair… at first at the music film you saw redder… and now it’s pink…like strawberry milk pink.. but it suits him really good 🙂

Here the link to the video if some of you didn’t watch it yet click here

I want to talk also about the reaction videos of Edward Avila… I LOVE his videos and at some point,s I really can understand his reaction XD XD SAME EDWARD SAME

If you want to see a video to cheer you up maybe try and watch it 😉 click here and enjoy


The performance at M Countdown was really good and did I already mention that I LOVE THE OUTFITS AND THE DANCE OMG



Ok, I get the OMG feeling of each member but Wonho… STOP THAT LOOK

( I’m sure Edward Avila got killed by that look too XD)



I think I don’t need to write any words for this GIF XD 😀


If you want to watch the performance at the M Countdown just click here


That’s it for this post.. ok maybe it got a little bit longer than as I thought it would be XD But believe me if I would have created gifs from JEALOUSY with those white shirts and jeans.. this post would be freaking long XD Like I mentioned .. I had the same thoughts as Edward Avila XD 😀 😀

I wish each of you a nice day and support our guys as much as you can but to all students SCHOOL is important so study well 😀 and make MonstaX proud of their Monbebes 🙂

Yours sincerely,




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