Cooking Session with Kihyun

Hello everyone and welcome back to our “cooking session with Kihyun”! Today  we are going to cook “Kimchi jjigae”. It is really easy to make and also fast. So if you need something good and also full of taste… you should cook this 😉

For all of you who wants to watch Kihyun cooking click on the link ->HERE

So let us begin with our cooking!


First our ingredients:


tofu ( I used soft tofu)

mushrooms ( I didn’t got those because my asian shop didn’t have them)

beef brew

spring onions

pork (he used the meat from the feat I used meat with more fat to get more taste)




Our first step is to cut everything (pork, onions, mushrooms if you have them, kimchi). Yeah kimchi should also be cut or it’s getting messy when you eat XD







I used half of this kimchi box for this kimchi jjigae



The tofu should also be cut into pieces … (I cut it in big and small pieces)

You should also heat up the beef brew.. To be honest I was lazy and didn’t want to make my own beef I just used the “ready to use” one XD (don’t worry it still taste awesome delicious!)


Our next step is to give our kimchi, pork meat  and onions into our beef brew.


Let it boil at medium heat for some time…. if you are bored.. listen to some MonstaX music… I listened to “Calm Down” and “Spotlight”.



The soup looks already tasty and it smells….aish… like HEAVEN.



I let it boil for around maximum 15 minutes (middle heat) and then I gave the tofu into my soup.


Enter a caption

Now you can already prepare your spoons and bowls for the soup..maybe decorate your table or prepare an episode of MonstaX right now or something  else XD


After 5- 10 minutes you can give your soup into a bowl and ENJOY it.


Jooheon shows what I was thinking when I tasted it XD but well…it’s our Kihyun who cooked it of course it’s awesome delicious 😉 😉


That’s it for todays “Cooking session with Kihyun” 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed the cooking!


Until next month for our new cooking session with Kihyun 🙂 and have a nice day!



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