ART CORNER: Monsta X Doodles

Hellooooooo lovely Monbebes! I hope you’re all doing fine! Today’s theme for our art corner is ” Monsta X doodles”. Some of you love to doodle around so..why not show off some of your work 😉

Please respect all artists and don’t steal their art (copyright). Always ask them before sharing any of their work. The link or name of each artist is below their drawing.

So let us start with our first art 🙂


by Hopeforsunshinee

Aaaaw such a cutie… like this I just want to hug and protect him!! The lines are perfect and strong. I like this style of doodling 🙂 I would love to see a manga book with this art!!



by Hopeforsunshinee

This artist knows exactly what to do 🙂 I LOVE IT.  And.. who else gets the feeling here like it says “wanna play ^^” ??? And I get so into the mood to reread some of my manga books 🙂


Artist: Hopeforsunshinee

Instagram: @hopeforsunshinee


by Honeyjoogirl

So the Jooheon one…reminds me kinda of the Vlive from Minhyuk (aish those cuties). But they are cute 🙂 I like the feeling which I get when I’m looking at this art 🙂 What y’all thinking?



by Honeyjoogirl

The sparkling starts are perfectly fitting here XD aaw and the heart of his cheek  XD I want to squeeze him!!!


Artist: Honeyjoogirl

Twitter: @honeyjoogirl


So that’s it for today’s post 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed it and if you have some drawings you want to share here too… Just write us a private message at our IG or Twitter account @eumxmbb!!

Until next month, live with a heart of a doodling ❤

Yours sincerely,




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