Hello, beautiful Monbebes!

See, I am not the biggest fashionista around – you can tell just by me using the term fashionista – but I do appreciate seeing well-dressed humans. Especially when those humans happen to be Monsta X. So this series is not only about bringing you my favourite outfits but also how you can recreate them.


a sparkly dress, voluminous hair …and the dance moves that make heads turn.

But who is she?



Of course, she is no other than Joohoney himself! Have you ever seen someone think glamourous? This fierce? I doubt it.

And since Jooheon’s look is every person’s fashion goal I, of course, will show you how to look just as good:

(and before you ask no, this is not sponsored)





Let us start with the basics. As you guys already know, the green tracksuit pants are basically the essence of the show. The trademark of Monsta X-Ray and so, can never be missed. You can get this pair here.





Now to shine on to the dress. Jooheon’s dress is what makes this look pop and since we want to look exactly like the dancing queen we too need a shiny dress. How about this one?





Now you might be thinking: “Ness, isn’t he just wearing socks as gloves?” Of course, that is what you think because obviously, you are not as fashion forward as Jooheon so let me educate you – they are called mono-finger gloves, Yes, that’s right. All big fashion bloggers are wearing them so get your pair here.





Chic meets casual. Since you will be dancing with your friends all night long you will need some comfortable shoes. I mean, who wants blisters and sore feet? Just like with the rest of the outfit, we will go with Joohoney’s choice of some good old pair of sneakers available here.





Now the hair is probably the most crucial part of the entire look. If you haven’t been blessed with naturally beautiful voluminous hair or your hair simply doesn’t blow up after getting in contact with a blow dryer or anything wet (curly haired people can’t relate), then a wig might be the way to go. You can find this one here.


Aaand that is it! You have successfully accommodated enough sass to grace the dance floor like the dancing queen! Now go and have fun!


P.S.: Don’t know what to dance to? How about learn some salsa moves from Monsta X?




Happy April my friends.

Until next time,


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