MONSTA X CLOSET: Million Dollar Man

Hello, beautiful Monbebes!

See, I am not the biggest fashionista around – you can tell just by me using the term fashionista – but I do appreciate seeing well-dressed humans. Especially when those humans happen to be Monsta X. So this series is not only about bringing you my favourite outfits but also how you can recreate them.


Welcome back!

First of all, I would like to apologise for my absence last month – life has gotten the better of me. But I am back and ready to talk about this month’s outfit pick.

Before we start I want to say I am so excited for Monsta X touring again and them coming back to Europe! Even though I’m not going myself, I am so happy for more Monbebes to have the chance to see them live. And let me tell you – it’s an unforgettable experience. Just the thought of it makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Tell me, are you going?

Speaking of concerts, today we HAVE to talk about the one specific outfit on this one specific man because GOODNESS GRACIOUS was I speechLESS.

You have to know that I don’t have a bias in Monsta X and am just enjoying my Monbebe life as a lost soul but when I saw that picture…..I am going to stop right here before a certain someone starts to get ideas.







You still with me? Alive? Breathing? Yeah?

You see, I have a thing for nice shirts. I also have a thing for Shownu on stage. Put them together and get magic. Pure magic. I wonder how many Monbebes, switched lanes that day…..?

Here is how to recreate Shownu’s look:

(and before you ask no, this is not sponsored)




Leather pants. Some love them, others despise them. All I know is that they look fantastic on Shownu and I bet they look good on you too. You could try these (1) ASOS High Waisted Wet Look Leggings for 27€  or  (2) ASOS Leather Look Tapered Trouser with Elasticated Back for 51€.

If pants aren’t your thing or you simply want something more ventilated how about a nice skirt?  (3) Noisy May Leather Look Skirt for 33€





Shownu looks so dang nice in that shirt. The pattern of it looks so fancy and I just love it. I love it.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to find an exact dupe but you can try these blouses that look almost as good as Shownu’s.

(1) ASOS DESIGN Knot Blouse In Stripe for 44€

(2) ASOS DESIGN Satin Batwing Wrap Top for 44€

(3) Y.A.S Striped Wrap Blouse for 47€





Now this. This is probably what made me like his outfit so so much. Honestly, at this point I am speechless.

(1) ASOS Vintage Style Icon Pendant Rope Chain Multirow Necklace for 12€

(2) ASOS DESIGN Multirow Necklace with Vintage Style Icon and Cross Pendants for 22€

(3) ASOS DESIGN Statement Coin And Chunky Chain Multirow Necklace for 29€





So what do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to let me know what you want to see next.

Until next time,


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